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"Weapon of mass destruction"

by: Stuart

Siginets Office Integrator 1.0.67



None, its dangerous.


hit the wrong button and kiss your files goodbye!!

Other Thoughts:

I hit one wrong button and it done a great job of vaporising my documents!
Its not a very complicated program, it only takes a few clicks to try and slipstream a service pack.

I selected the source file and created a new folder in "my documents as the destination.
I checked the box to produce an iso file and when i went to click on the destination file i hit "my documents" by mistake.
It was a small honest mistake that cost me to loose 60gb of data which it wiped in seconds!
When i hit create a red warning flashed up with "folder error" that required the task manager to shut it down.

When i went to my documents several folders were gone with thousands of files.
Ive spent the last 3 hours recovering and sorting my files out so i would leave this one as their seems to be a helluva big bug in it.

It might be useful to get an error message if you click on a wrong box during set up, rather than after its destroyed your files, seems an obvious way to write the program.
The aurthor should maybe take up writing viruses for a living as his utility is a weapon of mass destruction.

I advise anyone to keep well away from this, if one wrong click can do this, it should be in a Kamikaze section and the writer should never be allowed on a pc ever again.

Thanks for wiping my documents, you should call the next version "Napalm" or Disintegration version.

Its absolute junk and should be pulled from the site.


"Holy Sh...!!!"

by: Thomas Tom Tom


Other Thoughts:

This is freaking awsome!!!

Results: 1-2 of 2 Total Found