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"Everything Ok here"

by: rev

Glary Utilities Portable



Portable, no installation Really easy to use even for the novice Cleans what is necessary, not destroying the registry Good set of tools for everyday tasks


Some tools missing Turbo mod Theme installer

Other Thoughts:

Not sure about virus report, scan with nod, malwarebytes, nothing found, so rest in peace my friends


"Same here"

by: Problematic


Other Thoughts:

Every time I have tried to use this companies software I have had problems of some sort, same as the previous user.

A virus doesn't necessarily have to come in the FORM of something detectable. It can also come in the form of tiny ticks on the registry which in the end causes your computer to have problems. I'm not saying that's the case with this software, I am just saying that everytime I have tried to use it I have had problems. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT..................

"I had problems"

by: Problem


Other Thoughts:

Everytime after 2 or 3 installs with Vista Home Basic I have tried this and I always end up having problems. It starts out with the computer not shutting down, it shows you the screen and says shutdown but locks up at that point. This program might work fine for other versions of windows but it doesn't seem to work right for Vista Home Basic 32.


by: Isys


Other Thoughts:

This is the portable version, it doesn't require to be installed or uninstalled. It has always worked fine for me, but then I know what I'm doing.

"Good Utilities"

by: cyberrover


Other Thoughts:

This is a good utilities with lots of features. Can even rival paid software utilities like TuneUp. The 1-click option (if configured properly) is already good enough to remove files that are just wasting valuable space in the hard disk. It can also protect your privacy to a certain extend.

I hope in future updates, they will address some issues regarding having admin and limited account in single PC. In limited account, it will display some sort of "spyware" hiding inside the registry but it maybe harmless privacy issue with media player.


by: Frank


Other Thoughts:

Software fell over after I used it a couple of times and I was forced to reboot pc. Could not uninstall at first but think I eventually manage it after a lot of hassle.


by: klb


Other Thoughts:

This is the best program I have found out there for general system maintence. Thanks!!

Results: 1-7 of 7 Total Found