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"One bug"

by: giove

Microsoft Process Explorer 16.0



Very useful utility, can help when you suspect the pc has an infection.

Other Thoughts:

As it happened in some old version, the "search online" function does not work (Process Explorer v.16.0).
It works in version 15.40.


"Superb Utility"

by: Cad Delworth

Microsoft Process Explorer v14



Shows you which processes are 'owned' by others, where the memory is going, CPU, handles: you name it, it's here! Can stop processes that Task Manager can't. Peerless pedigree: written by Mark Russinovich, and so impressive that MS bought the company!



Other Thoughts:

Anyone criticising this utility is either a novice or is some sort of anti-MS person.


by: Yapycz


Other Thoughts:

One of the worst programs.Crapppppp...


by: GBJ


Other Thoughts:

Anyone who rates this utility less than a '5' is simply a novice. 'nough said.

"Excellent !"

by: GBJ


Other Thoughts:

I have been using this fine utility for a number of years now and all I can say is 'If Mark Russinovich wrote it, you can trust your system with it.' And FREE, TOO! Thanks, Mark ! ! !

"veru good"

by: raj


Other Thoughts:

its very useful

"Very useful."

by: Tweet


Other Thoughts:

I also have used this program for years. If a program on my computer freezes, Process Explorer will shut it down easily. I use it as a tool to learn more about the processes running and how much resources they are using.


by: MAD


Other Thoughts:

Microsoft bought Sysinternals BTW. I am using this utility for years and it never let me down.

"It's not By: Microsoft any way !!!!"

by: MVLinux


Other Thoughts:

thes program is not from Microsoft Inc.
it's by:Sysinternals -

any way it's a very good program and have a frindle UI



by: Isys


Other Thoughts:

Program works perfectly, as do all of Sysinternals products. Useful tool.

"Admin Response"

by: FreewareFiles Admin


Other Thoughts:

We removed the ratings as there were multiple ratings of 1 from the same IP pool within seconds. Clearly an abuse of the open rating system.

In response to Cyber Cob:
You abuse our open rating system daily particularly with DVD Fab HD Decrypter. Posting your comment once should suffice and get your point across yet you continue to post the exact message multiple times.

Why consider our site to be a scam because we monitor the reviews and remove those that clearly need to be removed?

If users did not abuse our open rating system, there will not be a need to remove reviews/ratings.

by: freewarefiles scam b


Other Thoughts:

funny how the ratings on this software was below 2 points just an hour ago and with about 10 ratings or so. now it's down to 4 ratings and up at 4 points. seems to me that the editor's picks get top priority and freewarefiles is just a scam. this program doesn't work right. it's not that great.


by: MAD


Other Thoughts:

Way better then MS Task Manager. A genial tool for every Windows. Just check the option to replace the task manager...and then use it with ctrl+alt+del

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