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"Kills them all"

by: compmend

ProcessKO 3.77



Small, light, and portable. Killed every process I threw at it. I froze Firefox on purpose by opening a whole bunch of videos, browser games, etc., I killed the plugin-container, then firefox.exe and firefox closed instantly.


This is powerful, I didn't try disabling my anti-virus or any system processes. If you disable the wrong process you might inadvertently cause a problem, like no sound or no anti-virus protection, for instance. Also, there is a checkbox you must click to acknowledge you are an "expert" before the program will work properly. This is at the bottom in a place that is not intuitive to look at, I actually opened the Instant KO menu at the top first, which covered part of the disclaimer and I didn't realize at first the instant K.O. wouldn't work without checking the box. A message comes up "Please confirm the expert clause" with an OK and Cancel prompt, intuitively a person might believe that clicking OK would mean you agree.

Other Thoughts:

This program is great, it works and works well. The GUI is a little dated but is functional. I have this program in my computer toolkit and it is invaluable.



by: triedit


Other Thoughts:

Tried the 1.26 version. Task manager can't kill the frozen firefox.exe program nor can this program.

"Works fine"

by: fastforward


Other Thoughts:

Fast to kill a hung process. The program starts in the German language and must be switched to English each time, but the interface is intuitive enough to use even in German.




Other Thoughts:

its ok

"very usefull"

by: joeres


Other Thoughts:

very usefull

Results: 1-5 of 5 Total Found