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"older version MUCH better"

by: munz

Core Temp 1.0 RC1


Other Thoughts:

version 1.0 incorrectly registers the CPU is 100C on all cores. i have to exit the program and restart it for the correct reading to register. it also does not minimize to the system tray...trying to find version 0.99 which worked flawlessly.


by: Seth


Other Thoughts:

It's telling me my temp is 32F? I don't think my computer is freezing? Do you?

"Works Fine"

by: RanMan


Other Thoughts:

This little apps works fine. Scanned it with three different Malware apps and all is well. If you install the Windows Sidebar Gadget that supports this application, get it at MS can have the temps displayed real-time on your desktop.

Now,if it just allowed me to OC my Dell laptop I would rate it a 5.

The program does what it claims to do.

"It's clean."

by: cbk


Other Thoughts:

Here are the results from

by: skypete


Other Thoughts:

completely inaccurate reading of your processor.

"Works o.k."

by: deebee


Other Thoughts:

I tied this on a Sempron & Core 2 laptops, works perfect on both & shows both core temperatures at once! Admittedly,there might not be much point in seeing the temps,but I like it. I've set it to run at startup and so far no problems at all!

Results: 1-6 of 6 Total Found