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by: Lablue

7-Zip 9.22 / 9.30 Alpha



fast, very nice UI, command mode, easy to put files



Other Thoughts:

stable: 9.20 beta: 9.22, alpha(not for daily use): 9.31 :))



by: laptopxpert

7-Zip 9.22 Beta



Long list of supported formats. Potent right click menu options Free



Other Thoughts:

Haven't used other similar utilities in many years since finding 7zip

"Too confusing!"

by: Steinburger

7-Zip 9.20



- Supports many formats - Does work, yes - Is free


- Confusing interface - Too many confusing options - Could be vastly simplified with having simply 3 tabs in the program. Compress | Uncompress | Options Where, Compress tab would show at the bottom of the window the option to select the Compression Type (7zip, zip, rar, etc) & the compression level desired. Users could simply drag files to be compressed onto the window & mass compress them all at once, instead of one by one by one, by.... Additionally, they could do the same on the uncompress tab. Drag heaps of files to uncompress onto the window. Bottom of that window would have the option to select the default extract to folder. Lastly, the options button would have all the other settings for the dictionary sizes, whatever. Settings would all be retained to .ini to make it portable.

Other Thoughts:

SFX maker is terrible.
Needs more options!

Such as:
- Selectable icon for SFX
- Selectable output folder for files (with relative path support)
- Selectable for 7z SFX to run up to 5 files before or after the main SFX runs.
- Option to edit comment files 7z makes on SFX files

There are many things 7zip could do to "catch up" and be as good as winrar. Actually, simply having a drag n drop compress & decompress window would be VERY nice!

"Tiny, fast, stable"

by: SteiferPimmel

7-Zip 9.20



- low system footprint - fast - stable - handy


- humble interface

Other Thoughts:

Finally, 7-zip version 9.x are not labeled beta anymore. Love this software.


by: Don


Other Thoughts:

- Supports multi-format extraction

- No folder tree, like windows explorer has for easier navigation
- Has large compression icons/clunky interface

"missing .ace support"

by: worldcuo


Other Thoughts:

i doesnot support .ace format

"My pick."

by: Jedijax


Other Thoughts:

Granted, I have only used the windows included zip software, WINRAR and Winzip, but I gotta say out of them 7-Zip is the absolute winner. The context menu options are just what I needed, they're all grouped in a single menu, and not bloating the entire context menu, and cover practically every need.

Never had a single problem, and it even let's me compress to .cbz format on the go!

(.cbz is a compression format for Comic Books. It allows the user to read pages from a single file, instead of de-compressing and opening each page as a single image file. You need, however, a reading software compatible with .cbz or .cbr extensions).

"most preferred"

by: n35u604


Other Thoughts:

I started to use 7-Zip portable last year and I love it. Now, I set 7-Zip as my default file archiver in my laptop.

"Difference between v9.0x beta and v4.65 ?"

by: Freelover


Other Thoughts:

It's good. But what's the difference between v9.0x beta and v4.65?

"Decent, I guess"

by: John


Other Thoughts:

The strong points are that this is free & fast.

However, there are better free unpackers such as Extract Now that are much easier to use & just plain better.

Win Rar has a SFX + Icon maker that just can't be beat by 7Zip, so until then, peace 7Z!


by: Fotzenbefruchter


Other Thoughts:

A very good packer/unpacker software. Best is it's free and open source! The only drawback is the olf-fashioned toolbar. However, there's a tool available that can modify 7-Zip to your own taste. It's called 7-Zip Theme Manager and is available from here:


by: gimbles


Other Thoughts:

This program is great, however you need a little command-line experience to make self extracting archives. It does say how to in the online help feature,however.

Great free ware

"really the best"

by: Freeboy


Other Thoughts:

It's free, open source and constantly being improved. Only thing I miss are self-executable split archives (you can make normal split archives though).

"best free archiver?"

by: rhoadesb


Other Thoughts:

If I did not like Winrar SLIGHTLY better, I would likely use 7zip.

Many people say it 7zip is the best period.


by: File Shark


Other Thoughts:

The strong points are the supported formats, good compression, ease of use.

The weak points of this program are that it's SFX lacks that many features like WinRar SFX, or even NSIS SFX maker.

Good program, but the SFX engine could use a serious overhaul. As is, it is almost not worthy to be called SFX because the extract option is so basic.

"7-zip is useful for multi-platform archiving"

by: CABvolunteer


Other Thoughts:

In addition to giving excellent compression, 7-zip allows me to do unattended backup of my Linux file-servers (using a BASH script) and to be able to extract files from the archive after being copied to a Windows computer. (It's faster and easier than the previous procedure using a BZIP2 archive.)

"Good Work"

by: Anith


Other Thoughts:

I was tired of the nag screens by winzip and winrar. That is when i started to search for a free alternative and bingo I found this little piece of software.

I recommended this to all my friends and we are all using 7zip without any hassles.

"The Bset"

by: Ian


Other Thoughts:

It is the BEST
Surpass All Commercial Compression Programs
It Has Almost Everything
And It's FREE !!!

Thank to The Author


Thank You.Thank You.Thank You

"7-Zip 4.62"

by: Anna


Other Thoughts:

This program is better than Winrar.
Why because it's free.


by: zing


Other Thoughts:

It is just the best one.I like it.

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