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by: Shamrockboy


Other Thoughts:

This is one of my favorite and most used utilities on my P.C. Thank you so much for such a great product.


"Great, but doesn't give what it advertises"

by: Cyndaquil


Other Thoughts:

It's a great archiver/extractor. Many file formats, many levels of compression.
BUT it doesn't go to the system tray properly. It makes the program completely non-responsive.
If they didn't advertise that/make it a feature at all, I would have given it a 5.
So I highly reccomend it, but don't bring it down to your system tray!!

"4 only.."

by: aku46


Other Thoughts:

everything works great i really like it. but i just cant rate it 5 because there is error in this program. when in compressing process, i minimize it to tray and it fail to show again when i double click the icon in system tray. {sorry for my bad english}

"The best (better than IZArc)"

by: Dr. Zippy


Other Thoughts:

As I found some bugs in IZArc which make the software obsolete for me to use (very often it extracts nothing and only creates an empty folder), I was looking for an alternative.

TUGZip is my choice, because it can do everything that IZArc could do - and a little bit more. Besides, it looks more neat and is easier to use. It also uses only very little system ressources and is fast as light.

One important thing for me was also that it supports encryption. TUGZip does AES encryption up to 256 bit (to be found in the options dialog when creating a new archive - if encryption is offered depends what kind of file format you choose).

And also, TUGZip is able to create splitted archives - which is another important thing.

Thumbs up for this little brilliant freeware!

"Missing Plugins"

by: Ck


Other Thoughts:

Missing plugins such as .rar which when inserted doesn't register them. Not very useful since most of my archive is .rar or zip.

"Awesome !!!"

by: gr3g


Other Thoughts:

Great archiver tool !! I really like this stuff, especially it supports many archives extension :D
Whoooohooo ;P

"The best so far"

by: salmanfarisy


Other Thoughts:

Doing drag-n-drop flawlessly between two archives on two active windows.
This is what i really need.

"Beautiful freeware!"

by: George


Other Thoughts:

This program contains all the essentials to unzip any archive that I know of, though I use it only to extract files. I find the interface easy to use. Neat!


by: Kaaiman


Other Thoughts:

This is a really nice program. I use it daily with satisfaction, but Drag&Drop support could be so much better!


by: Kaaiman


Other Thoughts:

This prog is very good. I like the tons of features, the tons of supported archives (all common and uncommon Windows and Linux archives) and the handsome interface.

This is really worth a try!


by: mike_greece


Other Thoughts:

Best compression utility!!!

"good but one problem"

by: wgan


Other Thoughts:

I thought it's the best until I opened a huge .rar file, it simply can't extract properly while 7zip and winrar can, sorry to say that it should have been the best but I wont use it since it cannot open the file sometime (though very rare).


by: TimoWalter


Other Thoughts:

In the need to archive my files in ultra high compression and flexibility, this tool is the best one i've ever had! i tried out 8 programs and i can say, this one here is very very good. and it's free, so don't use WinZIP or WinRAR, this one can do it just as well. Timo Walter - Germany

"Agree with Fluffy"

by: donki


Other Thoughts:

Tried filzip and 7-zip but this one has better windows shell integration and on-the-fly sfx.

"The Best."



Other Thoughts:

Easily the best archiving/decompression application out there. The only real competition this little gem has is IZArc, but it seems like IZArc is far less active than Tuggy is, and TugZip sports a much more attractive interface to boot. You can't go wrong with this one, folks.

Results: 1-15 of 15 Total Found