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"Handy Software"

by: PsyintZ

TestDisk 7.0


Other Thoughts:

Very useful software for recovering lost partitions. However, a couple of the reviews are abysmally inappropriate. For example, JT has given the software 1 star simply because he lacked the intelligence required to utilize it properly. This is completely unfair to the software's developers. It is not their fault you messed up your system by misusing their software. Sorry for the rant, but I am getting sick and tired of seeing people crap on these hard-working developers simply due to a lack of education pertaining to proper usage. They work very hard to provide us with these exceptional tools (often for FREE!), just to have their reputations questioned by ignorant people who aren't really qualified to be using these programs in the first place. It's quite unfortunate, honestly.


"Did what nothing else could!"

by: Brad Elliott

TestDisk 7.0



"Wow" is all I can say! I had a corrupted MFT with a folder I couldn't delete. Every time I booted up, CHKDSK would run, but found no problems and wouldn't fix the situation. I tried dozens of suggested solutions from the Internet, but nothing worked. Then I stumbled across a reference to TestDisk. I downloaded the 7.0 Beta, selected the MFT repair option, and it was done before I could count to five. When I rebooted, CHKDSK ran and found & fixed a number of problems. When it finished, I was able to delete the previously undeletable folder! Now when I boot up, CHKDSK doesn't run and all is well.

Other Thoughts:


"More than excellent"

by: Alejandro

TestDisk 6.14



Fast. Easy. And really works. Excellent job.


None. IT works flawlessly from the first time.

Other Thoughts:

Downloaded easeus, Minitool, and after hours, they didn't even discover my lost partition. TestDisk got it in 3 seconds. Cant get better than that.

"The best file and partition recovery software"

by: Irfran

TestDisk 6.12



no need to boot simple fast accurate


none that is the beauty. not for ameteurs

Other Thoughts:



by: LeRuud


Other Thoughts:

This tools does really good work. All other tools allow you to scan, but not to recover your data.
Great tool !!

"This worked awesome!"

by: littlewanderer


Other Thoughts:

Not for the casual user. It made the non-booting work again!

"Worked good"

by: SuDeepi


Other Thoughts:

I messed up my hard disk on my desktop few days ago. Later, it developed several bad sectors. I want to replace it through warranty, but I got few important files in it. Wanted to take the help of data recovery services, they are charging good amount, which is worthless. Then I used this software, it recovered about 80% of my most wanted files successfully(by leaving those ones that has bad sectors). Few files came out without actual filename, but it's OK, I can rename them appropriately. Baseline is, they are recovered. I am happy with this software, it's small. But it's not GUI based, so users need to have little basic knowledge on what it's doing. Overall, a good software. I appreciate the efforts of the author.

"Got back my partition"

by: LeRuud


Other Thoughts:

This program did what non of the other 10 tools i tested, did. It recovered my NTFS partition of my external USB disk ! I am very happy that is have my 300 GB of tools en ISO's back !


by: AKT


Other Thoughts:

It`s really a good software.


by: recover


Other Thoughts:

this software is really good. one of most reliable freewares i found. even tried on formatted hdd

"thanks a lot"

by: b.neko


Other Thoughts:

you save my precious 40Gb anime which I lost because transfer error on my portable HD. Good soft guys.

"Thank you!!!"

by: Endre


Other Thoughts:

I installed a bad ubuntu onto the second partition of my slave drive, and I managed to mess it up pretty bad, after that I tried to fix the MBR with the xp install cd, but I ended up with my xp (which was on the master) working but slave drive disappeared. TestDisk fixed it in a minute with only a restart needed , amazing , thank you very very much!


by: Kerry


Other Thoughts:

Tried other utilities and was getting nowhere. This one, as much as this sounds like an info-mercial, really works.

"Great recovery program"

by: Spatangoid


Other Thoughts:

Recovered over 200Gb od data from accidentally removed partition in XP in minutes! Easy to use as well. Can't thank the author enough! Forget about 10/10, this one goes to 11!

"Great for corrupt xD cards"

by: flanker2


Other Thoughts:

This did a perfect job of recovering 300 lost photos off my xD card - which had got its partition table totally sc*wed.

Having tried a whole load of other freeware and shareware tools - many of these didn't even recognise the file system.

This app did its best to get back all files even in the absense of any partition table.

Thoroughly recommended

"Destroyed everything"

by: JT


Other Thoughts:

Before I used this software I could boot to windows xp and had a second partition I could not view. After using this software (and following the instruction) I can no longer boot to windows or anything else. I have lost all my data.

If you are not an expert do not use this program. If you are an expert this may work for you.

"Cant Get Rid of It"

by: Never Again


Other Thoughts:


Sitting uninstalled on my PC but can't get rid of it. Can't delete it.


by: ali


Other Thoughts:

This software recovered all my partitions, while other commercial
software could not.

"Bless you!"

by: infopg


Other Thoughts:

For me the sign of a well written piece of software is that it simply does what you need it to do. The day before I planned to back up my data the partition table corrupts. 6 hours later with a number of data recovery products and minimal files back. 5 mins with testdisk and partition restored along with access to files. May have been a fluke but thanks, it saved my bacon.


by: Dru


Other Thoughts:

Just never fails to impress.

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