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"Does what I needed"

by: Paul NcA

HDClone Free Edition 6.0.5



Easy to use

Other Thoughts:

During the install I created a bootable USB stick. It left the existing data alone. I have Win 7 Home Edition. Used it to clone the 80GB to a seldom used external 150GB I had retired. Cloning took 1 Hr and took about an hour. Swapped the cloned drive in, rebooted, one restart after new drivers were installed and I am now using the 150GB while I type this. Transfer to the USB averaged 23MB/s. Now that I know it works, I'll invest in a larger SSD. Impressed!

"Go With "XXClone"!"

by: justme

HDClone Free Edition 4.0.4a


Other Thoughts:

I agree with Woody, I've been using XXClone for years and NOTHING is better! It's totally free and it will let you clone a bigger drive to a smaller drive as well (as long as everything will fit on the smaller drive). And the program is like one or two megabytes in size!

"Couldn't use it"

by: Stephen F.


Other Thoughts:

When I went to clone over (bit-to-bit)of my data HDD (320GB) to a new 750GB HDD, it asked me to purchase the pro version. I just wanted to try this pgm, but I always rely on my bulletproof, hard-core, FarStone Tech's [paid-for] DriveClone ver.5 which is unbeatable and has never failed me. This pgm does everything quickly, even mismatched drives sizes. For serious users.


by: woody


Other Thoughts:

For all you Toshiba Sarellite users, XXClone did a perfect job for me (A105-S4274)and my clone desktop, this so called HDClone....bahhhh a waste of my time.


by: Junk Buster


Other Thoughts:

Does as it says, but if you don't like dos, Drive Image XML can do a hot image while you are in windows.

It is free, but requires XP, Vista, 2003 etc. But any drive you need to image, just use an external USB enclosure from your XP workstation...

"not for laptops"

by: puterbroke


Other Thoughts:

Doesn't work without ps/2 mouse support, locks up. Not for Toshiba Satelite laptops.

Results: 1-6 of 6 Total Found