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Release Date:   2014-10-21  | Changelog

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Software Product Description

sStockQuote ia a free program to download stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance. The program also exports stock data to a CSV file. sStockQuote does not require installation. Simply unzip the archive and run the executable file.

What's New in version 1.0.8:

  • sStockQuote can now handle more than 200 symbols in the list.
  • Added text-to-speech option for alerts.
  • Each stock can now have a 'notes' field where you can enter in whatever textual date you like. This data is displayed in the main stock data listviews. (Thanks, P. Alby)
  • You can now specify a 'Shares owned' value for each stock. This value is displayed in the main listviews and a 'Share value' column is calculated by multiplying the 'Shares owned' value and the 'Last trade' value.
  • Added an import feature by which you can mass import stock symbols. Go to the Options tab > List and click the Import button. (Thanks, D. Wong)
  • Completely reworked the Options tab.
  • The alerts.lst file has been renamed to alerts.log.
  • Choosing File, Exit from the menu didn't always close out the application.