Best Embroidery Digitizing Software in 2024

An embroidery digitizing software converts an embroidery work into a soft copy i.e. digitizes it into a file using a software that can be read by an embroidery machine and be converted into a physical embroidery work on a fabric.

Embroidery Digitizing software have taken the embroidery industry by storm, as they allow precise and highly aesthetic recreation of even the most intricate embroidery designs.

The software promises more accuracy, speed, and ease as compared to traditional embroidery.

Besides, you can create your own vast library of all sorts of stich types you like and keep them handy.

What is the Easiest Digitizing Software For Embroidery?

Hatch is among the easiest digitizing software for embroidery, closely followed by Embrilliance.

Hatch has an easy, simple and user friendly interface and is equipped with everything you would need to climb the levels from a beginner to a pro.

It is a to-go choice for both the embroidery hobbyists and those pursuing embroidery commercially as a business.

Comparison of Embroidery Digitizing Software

Platform CompatibilityWindows and MacWindows and MacWindows, macOSWindowsWindows and Mac with OS X
CostLimited free version, paidLimited free version, paidLimited free version, Paid, varies by moduleLimited free version, paidLimited free trial. paid
Ease of UseVery easyIntermediateEasyIntermediateIntermediate to advanced
Digitizing ToolsAuto and manualAuto and manualManual (with add-ons)Advanced manual and autoAuto and Manual
Editing CapabilitiesExtensive editing and customizationBasic editing toolsIntermediate to advanced editing tools depending on moduleAdvanced editing toolsIntermediate editing capabilities.
Design LibraryVast built in designs libraryNoA built in library of patch designsLarge built-in libraryExtensive built-in library
Text and MonogrammingSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported

What Embroidery Software is Used To Digitize Photos?

There are a number of Embroidery Digitizing software that can digitize a phot in a few steps.

One of the most common ones used for this purpose is ‘Embird Studio’.

A special feature of Embird, called Sfumato can easily and quickly convert any image, like still life photo, portrait, and landscape to digitalized embroidery.

Top 5 Embroidery Digitizing Software

Here is a round up of some of the most popular embroidery digitizing software.

01. Hatch Embroidery Software

Being one of the most popular embroidery digitizing software. Hatch is best for commercial embroiders and side hustlers alike.


  • It offers both auto digitizing for beginners, and custom digitizing for pros.
  • It offers a library of professional fonts for best results.
  • Digitize monograms with the highest possible quality.


It is among the easiest embroidery digitizing software due to its easy interface.


When compared to other software, Hatch has fewer features.

02. SewArt Embroidery Digitizer

SewArt is another easy to use digitizer equally good for hobbyists and commercial users.


  • It allows both auto-digitizing and manual-digitizing.
  • It allows digitizing of photos as well as vector images.
  • Its image processing tools can help you change the color of threads and also customize images.


SewArt is one of the best software when it comes to digitizing photos particularly. It supports a wide range of output formats as well.


Although it does run on Mac as well but requires you to have an emulator for that like CrossOver or CodeWeavers.

03. Embrilliance

This all in one embroidery digitizing software is one of the most feature rich software in the market.


  • It allows you to resize any design according to your needs.
  • Select and change thread colors as you like and switch between thread brands.
  • Add all sorts of lettering and monogram with ease.


It is among the most well-equipped software when it comes to providing maximum features, and yet it is simple to use and reasonably priced.


it doesn’t allow digitizing of images. You cannot scan and digitize photos with Embrilliance Essentials.

04. Sierra Software

For those who don’t want to make a huge lumpsum payment, Sierra is a good option for you as it offers subscription based package and has all required features.


  • It has a simple and easy interface and comes with tutorials to understand how the program works.
  • Lettering in fun with Sierra.
  • It allows manual and auto digitizing.


Its subscription plans make it an affordable option among its competitors.

05. Embird Embroidery Software

A software that allows you to play around with a number of options in both auto digitizing and manual modes.


  • resize the designs for smaller machine hoops.
  • Split the individual designs.
  • Edit designs for customization.


It has everything you might need as a hobbyist or a professional and is easy to use.


It isn’t among the cheapest of options.

Key Considerations For Choosing The Perfect Embroidery Software

If you have never used one before, selecting the perfect software can be a daunting task.

If you are a hobbyist, make sure you don’t overspend by going after the features designed only for professionals.

Most embroidery digitizing software have free versions to start with. You should try those before purchasing one. This is especially helpful for beginners.

How Do I Digitize My Own Embroidery Designs?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can digitize a custom design.

  • Upload your design to your selected embroidery digitizing software
  • Set your preferred design size
  • Select a stitch type to use
  • Choose a stitch direction
  • Select your thread colors
  • Finally, transfer it to the machine

What Software is Used To Digitize Photos For Embroidery?

SewArt and Embird Studio are among the best embroidery software to use for digitizing photos.

Their special digitizing tools make it simple and quick to digitize all sorts of photos in no time.

Is Embroidery Digitizing Profitable?

Embroidery digitizing can be very profitable both as a side hustle and as a full-fledged commercial business.

Although, the digitizing software can be a bit too costly but there are cheaper alternatives available as well to start with.

It depends on how committed and consistent you are.

Final Thoughts

Embroidery digitizing software have brought a revolution in the embroidery industry.

They are easier, quicker, and more accurate as compared to traditional embroidery techniques.

Hence these are a must-have for commercial embroidery business.

However, what software suits you the best depends on how proficient you are, how much you can spend, and whether you are a hobbyist or trying to establish a business.