What is The Best Software For Podcast in 2024

Planning on starting a podcast? Make sure you choose the right podcast software.

For a podcast that really does sound like a podcast, software with all the necessary recording and editing tools is necessary.

It helps make it sound more professional by enhancing the quality.

The podcasting software come equipped with such tools that can help in noise reduction, sound leveling, clarity of voice, and better integration of different clips.

This is essential if you are looking to up your podcast game, whether you are just recording an audio, or considering to start a video podcast.

In most cases, all you’d need for a quality podcast is appropriate software and of course a mic attached to your laptop and you are all set to start your journey.

Today, most podcast software are come even furnished with not just recording tools but editing tools as well, making it an all-in-one package for the users.

What Program Do Most Podcasters Use

What Program Do Most Podcasters Use?

One of the most commonly used podcast program is Adobe Audition, popular among both professionals and beginners.

It comes with all the necessary recording and editing tools required to make a podcast sound really professional.

What is The Best Software For Podcast Editing?

Podcast editing means putting to use such tools that can minimize unwanted noise and enhance voice quality through leveling and bringing clarity.

Also, these tools should be helpful in integrating various clips together seamlessly.

Some of the most famous podcast editing software that come with several additional options are:

  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity
  • GarageBand
  • Wave Pad
  • Studio One

Comparison of Podcast Software

FeaturesAdobe AuditionGarageBandAudacityRiverside.fmSquadcast
PlatformWindows, macosMacosMac, Linux, WindowsWeb-basedWeb-based
Ease of UseEasyIntermediateDifficultIntermediateEasy
Multitrack RecordingYesYesYesYesYes
Editing FeaturesAdvancedBasic to IntermediateAdvancedAdvancedLimited
File Formats SupportedManyaiff, wav, apple loops, aac, mp3, cafSeveralManyMany
Export OptionsManyManyManyManyMany
Live StreamingYesYesNoYesYes
Noise ReductionYesYesYesYesYes

Best Software For Podcast

There are innumerable software available for both recording and editing podcasts.

Some are paid while others come with a package of free tools in the basic plan. Let’s have a look at the most used ones.

01. Adobe Audition

Known as one of the best podcast software, it is good at mixing, merging, recording, and editing audio podcasts.

Get Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition Features

  • It provides multitrack, waveform, and spectral display audio.
  • You can create, remix, edit, and restore audio content with plethora of useful tools.
  • It has editing tools for enhancing, color, graphics, and audio.

Adobe Audition Pros and Cons

Audition is a great tool for both professionals and beginners due to its simple interface. However, it is not among the cheapest of options.

Pricing: $22.99 per month.

02. GarageBand

It is one of the best podcast software for Mac users, known for one of the vastest sound library.

Get GarageBand

GarageBand Features

  • It allows recording, remixing, and editing.
  • It comes with audio effects plugins that can fine tune the voice quality and add effects to it as needed.
  • Share the podcast directly on social media.

GarageBand Pros and Cons

It is a great app for beginners, however, it takes up a lot of storage and can cause heating up of your Mac device.

Pricing: Free for Mac

03. Audacity

Audacity is among the top most video recorders and editors and brings you a plethora of options for free.


Get Audacity

Audacity Features

  • It is available across multiple platforms including MAC, Linux, Windows, OS X and more.
  • It has a number of options for audio editing like adjusting pitch and speed of audio.
  • There is a wide library of effects.

Audacity Pros and Cons

Availability on almost every platform makes it a widely used podcast software.

It has a bit complicated UI.

Pricing: Free, open-source software.

04. Riverside

One of the best software for both the audio and video recording and editing across various platforms.

Get Riverside

Riverside Features

  • It allows local recording of video and audio, hence, poor internet isn’t an issue.
  • It supports above hundred languages, transcribing them with high accuracy.
  • You can generate captions with a click.

Riverside Pros and Cons

4K video format and easy interface are the strengths of Riverside, but video editing might not be as straight forward and quick as audio editing.

Pricing: $19 per month.

05. Squadcast

It is a feature rich, easy-to-use software for podcast recording and editing.

Get Squadcast

Squadcast Features

  • It allows local recording of video and audio.
  • Cloud backup makes sure you never lose anything.

Squadcast Pros and Cons

Its UI is simple and the quality of audio is exceptional.

There is no mobile app for Squadcast.

What is The Best Software For Podcast Recording?

Podcast recording software help you record the audio and video podcasts with the highest possible quality to be edited later according to your needs.

Some of the most popular podcast recording software include:

  • Audacity
  • Reaper
  • Adobe Audition
  • Riverside
  • SquadCast

What is The Best Podcast Software For Mac?

Adobe Audition and GarageBand are among the most preferred podcast software for Mac.

Both are known for their rich features, easy interface, and several available effects for editing.

Is Audacity Or GarageBand Better For Podcast?

Both have strong positives when it comes to recording and editing podcasts.

However, audacity has more editing tools available and is a cross platform software unlike GarageBand that is available only for iOS devices.

But GarageBand beats Audacity when it comes to a user friendly interface.

Tips To Choose Podcast Software

While choosing a podcast software, there are certain criteria that you should try to fulfill. Podcasts are all about highest quality of sound and video.

Make sure your selected podcast software has tools for noise cancellation and, depending on your requirements, it should have additional options for editing.

An easy interface, and compatibility with your device are the basic features to look for.

For first time podcasters, it is recommended to use a free version before buying a software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Software Do You Need To Create a Podcast?

You need a podcast recording and editing software to make sure, the final audio and video quality is up to the accepted standards of a podcast.

What is The Best Thing To Record a Podcast With?

All you need is a good mic, headphones or speaker, a computer, and a quite surrounding. Using a good podcast software will take your podcast to the next level.

What Audio Type is Best For Podcast?

An MP3 file with a bit rate of 128 kbps is recommended for podcasts.

What is The Best App To Start a Podcast on?

Adobe Audition is one of the most popular podcast apps for both recording and editing.

Which is The Best Free Podcast App?

Audacity is among the most recommended free apps for podcasts with all the advanced features that a professional would need.