Besides Gmail, Proton Mail, Edison Mail, and BlueMail are some of the best email apps for Android.

With the bombardment of information and a lot of things to manage, email apps have become a necessary tool in this modern era.

They play a crucial role when it comes to professionally organizing things for business and keeping the information highly secured.

Moreover, they provide help with task management and ensure accessibility to your important information and stuff, no matter where you are.

If you’re an Android user and looking for the best email app, in this article we have enlisted 5 of our favorite email apps for Android.

Which One is The Best Email App For Android?

Generally, Gmail has been the best-rated app for Android because of its key features of great sorting, customization, and security.

But, if we talk about one particular app which is best for Android besides Gmail, it’s Edison Mail.

It’s top-rated for its quick onboarding, great customization, folder and task management.

However, if you own a Samsung device, Samsung email is the best email app for you.

Is There a Better App Than Gmail?

Though considering an email app better than the other is a matter of individual preferences, there are many alternatives to Gmail.

And, the Proton Mail is the best alternative to Gmail. Its reliable performance, distinguished privacy and security features, and professional email and task management, all make it a better app than Gmail.

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Is Samsung Email Or Gmail Better?

Both email apps are unique in their performance and features.

Gmail offers a wide range of accessibility as it’s available across many platforms, whereas, Samsung email is only available on Samsung devices.

If you’re a Samsung device owner, you should go for the company’s own email app.

Its layout is clean and simple and it offers more customizable settings than Gmail.

Top 5 Email Apps For Android

Every email app is unique in terms of its advantages and features, however, a few are better than others. The following are the most used and renowned email apps worldwide.

01. Gmail

Gmail’s first version was launched in 2004 and the app has gone through tremendous updates and improvements.

Developed by Google, it’s now regarded as the best email app among android users.

Its free version comes with no ads and the paid version costs $9.99 per month for 15GB. Its key features are:

  • Professional organization of emails into separate inboxes namely Promotions, Social, and Primary.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Integration with Google apps such as Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Calendar, etc.
  • User-friendly interface and accessibility over various platforms and devices.

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02. Proton Mail

Founded in 2013 in Switzerland, Proton Mail has now earned worldwide recognition as the best email app when it comes to privacy and security.

Its free version comes with limited service and features. Whereas, the basic paid account costs $11.99 per month. Its characteristic features include:

  • End-to-end encryption as well as zero-encryption. The zero-encryption implies that the user’s email content is inaccessible to the company.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Spam filtering and Whitelisting
  • Self-destructing emails
  • Accessibility across various platforms and devices.

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03. Edison Mail

Developed by Edison Software, Edison Mail was officially launched in 2013. Its original name was

“EasilyDo Mail”. As its original name suggests, its users adore it for its user-friendly interface and great customization.

The pricing for Edison Mail premium (called Edison Mail Plus) varies based on your location and subscription duration.

However, Edison Mail is also one of those free email providers which provide a great range of features for free. Its key features are:

  • Email assistant
  • Smart inbox: you can organize your emails into different categories, such as Packages, Travel, Subscriptions, and Personal.
  • Customization options
  • Undo send
  • Security and privacy
  • Accessibility across different platforms and devices

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04. Outlook

Originally known as Hotmail, Outlook was founded in 1996, and thus, it’s recognized for being one of the earliest email service providers.

Its premium subscription starts at $6.69 per month and the app also offers a free version. Its prominent features are as follows:

  • To-do lists and task management
  • Digital signatures and Email encryption
  • Integration with calendar and office apps
  • Customization options
  • Powerful search functionality

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05. BlueMail

Founded by Blix Inc. (a New York-based software company) in 2014, BlueMail is now one of the best email apps for Android.

It’s primarily popular for its detailed customization. Moreover, it’s also known for its modern and appealing interface.

Its paid subscription starts at $5.50 per month and its free version contains no ads. Its noteworthy features include:

  • Convenient attachment handling
  • Unified inbox
  • Intuitive interface
  • Multiple account support
  • Security features
  • Integrated calendar
  • Smart notifications

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Comparison of Free Email Providers

Though all of the above-listed email apps have free versions, they vary based on their freely provided features. Here’s a comparison table for their free features:

FeatureGmailProton MailEdison MailOutlookBlueMail
Organizing ToolsTabs, multiple inboxes, labels, filersLabels, custom folders, starred emails, filtersBulk delete, smart inbox, categories, notification managementArchive & Cleanup, categories, folders, flagging and markingLabels, filters, fodders, priority inbox, unified inbox
Security FeaturesSpam filter, two-factor authentication, no end-to-end encryptionSpam filter, Whitelisting, end-to-end encryption, two-factor authenticationTwo-factor authentication, spam filter, no end-to-end encryptionTwo-factor authentication, spam filter, end-to-end encryptionEncrypted connection, two-factor authentication, passcode lock, spam filter
Attachment supportImages, audio & video files, links, documents, calendar events, compressed files, presentationsImages, audio & video files, links, documents, spreadsheets, presentationsImages, audio & video files, links, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, HTML filesDocuments, images, videos, audios, spreadsheets, text files, presentationsDocuments, images, videos, audios, spreadsheets, text files, presentations
Offline AccessOffline access available for reading email and dataOffline access to reading emails.Emails can be read and information can be retrieved offline.Access to your data and email reading is available offline.Easily access information and read emails offline.

What Email App Do Most People Use?

Most people, especially Android users, still prefer Gmail over other email apps and regard it as the best Android email app.

It’s because Gmail’s interface is very user-friendly and its security features are powerful.

Moreover, it integrates other Google services including Google Meet, Google Calendar, and Google Drive, making it convenient for its users to access everything from one place.

What is The Standard Email App For Android?

Gmail is the most reliable and standard email app for Android. It has successfully withstood the rigorous competition with its alternative email apps.

Its powerful security features and other key features including customization options, multiple account support, and accessibility across different platforms and devices make it the most preferred email app worldwide.

What is The Safest Android Email App?

Overall Gmail is rated as the safest Android email app. Besides Gmail, Proton Mail has been recognized worldwide for its advanced security and privacy features.

It provides its users with end-to-end encryption, zero-access encryption, two-factor authentication, and self-destructing emails.

The app is easy to use and best for those who seek strong security and privacy in email apps.

Final Thoughts

Gmail is the most used app for Android as it comes with features helpful for professional emails in businesses.

However, it lacks end-to-end encryption. Besides Gmail, Proton Mail is an email app which is well-rated for its security features.

Moreover, other email apps, such as Outlook, Bluemail, and Edison Mail are a good alternative to Gmail.  

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