How to Re-install and Repair Windows 10

Creating a rescue disk or boot disk for Windows 10 is a must for all computer users. If you’re concerned about losing your personal files and settings when reinstalling Windows 10, don’t worry because there’s a way to do it without losing them. This guide will show you how to create a Windows 10 recovery disk and it will repair many Windows 10 problems as well as get the latest updates. Best of all, you won’t have to reformat your computer.

This repair procedure will also perform an upgrade on your Windows 10 OS.

1. Create a Windows 10 Installation Media

First, you would have to create a Windows 10 USB or DVD installation media using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool. This will allow you to download Windows 10 legally from Microsoft’s website and create an installation USB or DVD that you will use to successfully run a clean Windows 10 installation on your computer or repair your existing Windows 10.

  • For USB installation media:
  • Download the Media Creation Tool. Run the program and accept the terms and agreement. It will ask you to choose from two options and you must select “Create installation media for another PC” if you’re using another computer to create the Windows 10 USB rescue and boot disk. Otherwise, you can select “Upgrade this PC now”. It will automatically recognize your current Windows 10 version. Click Next to select your “Language, Architecture, and Edition.”

Create installation media

  • Click “Next” and choose “USB flash drive” when asked which media to use. Then plug an empty USB flash drive on the computer you are using and click “Next“. It should have a minimum 4GB storage space. It will now download the installation files for Windows 10. Once finished, it will tell you your USB is ready and click “Finish”.

USB Flash Drive

  • For installation DVD:
  • To create a bootable Windows 10 DVD, perform the first steps above and when asked what you want to do, instead of selecting USB flash drive, click on “ISO file”.
  • Select your storage location and save the ISO file. The media creation tool will download the Windows 10 in ISO format then you must insert a blank DVD on the drive and click “Open DVD burner”. Confirm that you want to burn the disc. You will now have a Windows 10 DVD installer and it’s ready for use.

Burn ISO to DVD

2. Update and Repair

Whichever installation media you choose, insert it to your PC and click on “Setup” once you open Windows explorer to run the application. Click on “Download and install updates” on the next screen.

Download and Install Updates

3. Terms and Agreement

Next you have to agree to the license terms by clicking “Accept”.


4. Install

Wait for all updates to finish then click on “Install” on the next screen to start the Windows 10 repair. There should be a check mark on “Install Windows 10 Home” and “Keep personal files and apps”.

It’s important to check those boxes if you don’t want to lose your personal files and settings.

It may take some time for all the fixes and upgrade to finish. Do not turn off your computer while it upgrades.


Ready to Install


5. Log In

Once the installation and repair is complete, you can log in to your account.

Make sure to follow all the steps to ensure that you don’t lose your files.