Top 5 Free Online Radio Players and Recorders for Windows

Internet radio enables you to stream radio stations from around the world using an online radio player. There are a large number of players available for listening to and recording music and talk shows from internet radio stations. They are generally free, usually portable, and support the popular formats required to record streaming radio from stations listed by name, genre, country and, even city. Most enable users to add stations to the list.

Screamer Radio Portable

Simply select a radio station and it will automatically start playing

A portable application, Screamer Radio has been developed to provide simplicity in selecting, connecting and enjoying internet radio stations. Easy to use, its features include:

  • Automatic start on selection from preset list
  • Easy searching of the thousands of radio stations
  • Connection to any URL
  • Tag navigation
  • Sleep timer
  • Creation of favorite stations list
  • Automatic stop on 10 minutes of muted playing
  • Automatic stop when you lock your desktop
  • Wide range of languages supported
  • IceCast and Shoutcast compatible

The online radio player’s interface is simple and easy to navigate. Preset stations are sorted by genre and country where relevant. ‘Stop,’ ‘Resume’ and ‘Mute‘ buttons are conveniently located at the bottom of the screen, with other player controls being accessible under the ‘Playback‘ tab on the menu bar.

Once you have made your selection and started playing, station and track information will display in the window. You can use the ‘Record‘ button to record and save the station’s output, and save it to MP3 or WAV format for storing or sharing. While simple to use, the application is fully customizable with many options for the more experienced user including equalizer, stereo separation, and sound effects.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

Pocket Radio Player

Compact online radio player that records, edits, and updates too

Pocket Radio Player is a small player with all the basic features required to both listen to and record streaming radio internet radio. The clean modular design of the interface ensures that the player is easy for beginners to use, yet provides lots of options and customization for more experienced users.

On selecting from a simple, constantly updated playlist where favorites can be displayed by genre, you’ll view a station and song information display complete with player controls at the bottom of the screen. Stations you don’t need can be deleted from the list. Your recent history is available and hotkeys are supported so that you can use the app when it is minimized to the taskbar.

Once you are comfortable using the internet radio player, you can move on to changing skins and buffer size, and using the text editor and graphics application to edit and update. Pocket Radio Player enables you to record streaming radio and save it OGG, WAV or MP3 format. It is multilingual and both IceCast and Shoutcast compatible.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

V-Radio Portable

Quickly get to hear internet radio stations from around the world

You’ll find your favorite stations and have the ability to choose from thousands more with the very popular V-Radio player, easily adding them to your list. Finding the stations you want is fast and easy whether searching by country or genre and your favorites list can be backed up, saved and retrieved.

The compact and highly comprehensive user interface is easy to use, and the online radio player provides fast access to the various options and settings. There’s an alarm clock, a sleep timer and you can view WiFi usage levels as well as your station usage. Everything is easy to find and there is a wide choice of languages.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

Tray Radio

Access international radio stations with a right-click on the system tray icon

Tray Radio installation places a system tray icon at the bottom right of your screen and everything is accessible from a context menu generated by right-clicking the icon. A built-in media player can be used to play local files or MP3 files made when you record streaming audio during playback, and a built-in equalizer enables fine-tuning of your music. While playing your selected music, an information banner displays song information in the system tray.

A great combination of online radio player and media player, Tray Radio provides features such as:

  • Record online radio stations
  • Shoutcast compatibility
  • Ability to easily and stations
  • Automatic stations updating
  • Set favorites
  • Full-screen Jukebox option
  • Lyrics display
  • Equalizer
  • Multi-user option

Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website


An online radio player and recorder with hotkey and drag and drop playlist support

The really nicely designed and comprehensive user interface of the Radiola internet radio player displays your categorized station menu at left and player/recorder controls as well as buffer and audio quality. The active station and track information display are positioned at the top of the screen. You’ll also find a button to Show History here.

Clicking on any category will display the pre-programmed list of stations to which you can add your own preferred stations. A filter button enables fast and easy finding of any station you name. Playlists can be created from both stations and local files including your recorded streaming audio from playback. You are provided with tools to easily edit the audio your record, to rename stations and more.

Hotkeys enable convenience in using the online radio player while you are busy working on your computer and Radiola is available in both installable and portable versions.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

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