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FreewareFiles Editor's Review

 Editor´s Rating

 Reviewed on September 23, 2014

If you want free antivirus software that can give you peace of mind, then AVG AntiVirus Free is your ideal solution. The program will protect your computer against viruses and other malicious applications by doing more than scanning your system.


  • Provides real-time protection to ensure computer is always safe via AVG Resident Shield
  • AVG On-Demand Scanner allows users to schedule tests
  • AVG E-mail Scanner checks for any malicious content hidden in e-mail messages
  • AVG Virus Vault handles infected files safely
  • Unlimited updates of the free virus database
  • Blocks infected links
  • Checks files before downloading

Using AVG AntiVirus Free

The installation package include many components that are automatically installed by default. However, custom support allows users to select the components they would like to install. These components include identity, Web browsing and e-mail protection.

Since AVG AntiVirus Free is ad-supported, it offers third-party tools and makes changes to Web browsers. However, we paid closer attention during installation and avoided clicking “Next” unnecessarily, which was enough to skip the things we did not want.

The new AVG AntiVirus Free has adopted the appearance of Windows 8, featuring flat buttons on a neatly organized user interface.

The program has several enhanced features, which are useful for protecting personal data both locally and online. The latest release includes an innovative cloud-based detection method that gives users the most up-to-date protection based on the latest virus definitions and other algorithms. With Outbreak Detection feature, the program enables users to take fast steps to nip emerging threats in the bud.

The program let us scan custom folders and files, removable drives or a whole computer. We could also set it to scan for rootkits alone. Indeed, the free antivirus software has customization options that enable advanced users to configure its complete scanning behavior. Some of the things we could configure included scan speed, exceptions, automatic virus removal, tracking cookies, heuristics, archives, PUP and spyware reports, file extensions and automatic PC shutdown.

In addition to verifying both outgoing and incoming e-mails, we also used the program to filter spam. It is compatible with POP3, IMAP and SMTP. The program also scans suspicious activities and applications to prevent identity theft.


AVG AntiVirus Free is a powerful program for giving PCs an all-rounded protection. Its default configurations allow novice users to have comprehensive protection, and advanced users can adjust it to suit their preferences.

Software Product Description

With this free distribution version of the popular AVG Anti-Virus system, you will get a reliable tool for your computer protection against computer viruses.

A 64-Bit version is also available: AVG AntiVirus Free (64-Bit)

Note from FreewareFiles:

  • The program offers the AVG toolbar which does not have to be installed to use the software.
  • The program offers to change the home page and default search engine

User Reviews
"Not very impressed !"

Reviewer: -Stuart    Review Date: 2014-10-18
Average Rating (1301 Votes )
Pros:  it's free.

Cons:  Crap UI, nag nag nag, web protection is awful .

Other Thoughts:  Maybe AVG and a few others should take a look at some of the new Anti-Virus products and then rethink their program's design . One thing I cannot stand is stupid nag screens that constantly remind you that the free version you are using isn't quite up to the job, so they constantly pester you to upgrade . AVG is kinda sneaky at how it offers you a free trial period much like Avast does, click the wrong button and you all of a sudden have the trial version installed .

My biggest gripe is the simply awful web protection AVG offers, I have no doubt it protects your online activity 100%, that's because it cripples you browser to the point of it being un-usable so there isn't much chance of infection .

Why do AV companies insist on including stupid utility features like privacy cleaner, disk defrag etc. For AVG this feature is regarded as a premium feature and it is awful . There are dozens of free programs that do a much better job than AVG. Of course after scanning my well maintained PC, AVG has the problems outlined in red and it flags up hundreds of issues, most of which are minor at best . I get the feeling AVG is trying to scare me into buying the premium version.

So to recap, it's bloated, full of useless features, it nags the hell out of you, it has a crap UI, web protection is a screaming joke and frankly I would avoid AVG in favor of much better free alternatives .
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