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 Reviewed on April 23, 2014

If you have a large collection of movies, managing them effectively can become tricky unless you use a suitable program to help you. You will not only find it difficult to locate some movies but are also likely to buy movies you already have or leave others when you think you already have bought them. Ant Movie Catalog will streamline your management to avoid such possibilities among other useful functions. The free movie manager makes it easy to organize movie collections, complete with the ability to add relevant data about the movies.

Ant Movie Catalog Features

  • Stores movie catalogs in either XML or binary formats
  • User-customizable links for performing online searches
  • Imports data from the Internet
  • Imports information from different media files and other file formats
  • Exports information to various file formats
  • Customizable templates for easy printing
  • Stores images within catalogs or links to external files
  • Provides statistics with pies and charts
  • Loans management
  • UI available in about 30 languages

Using Ant Movie Catalog

The program is relatively easy to use. Although you may find it a bit challenging at first, you will soon get used to it. The main program window supports different display options, including classic style with search bar and Windows XP themes support. We could display our movies on the left pane either as thumbnails or icons and names. The thumbnails view appeared more attractive.

The left pane allowed us to add different types of information related to the movies, such as original and translated titles, subtitles and languages, description, category, country, producer, director, actors, media label and rating. A dedicated tab also enabled us to add our own custom fields.

The buttons on the toolbar made it easy and fast to perform required tasks although we could also access required features via the menu bar. The "Get Information" button allowed us to search the Internet for more details about our movies, and the manager came with many scripts we could use straight away to import information from places like IMDB and then view the execution results. We selected the details we wanted to add to the movies by leaving their checkboxes marked. The downloaded details included thumnails, and the ability to link catalogs to external files allowed us to use larger images.

The loans feature helps you record details about movies you have loaned and the people who have borrowed them. Under "Statistics" , you can determine common features about your movies at a glance. For example, you can find out which movies have subtitles, the languages the movies are in and who directed them.

We specified different fields for grouping movies and then displayed the list in a tree format. We could then export or print our catalogs.


Ant Movie Catalog is a handy program that will make it easy for you to manage all aspects of your movie collection.


"The best of the best!"

Reviewer: -Fotzenficker Fotzenl

Review Date: 2009-04-28

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Other Thoughts: This is the best movie catalog tool ever! Absolutely perfect!!!


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