"fast and small"
by: dcardinale
AbiWord 2.9.4

offers many of the functions of the big programs

haven't found any of the issues others report

Other Thoughts:
hope the abisource team can continue to maintain this fine program

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"A Very Bad Progaram"
by: Me
AbiWord 2.8.6

It doesn't take much space on the computer and supports many formats (.doc, . rtf, .txt, etc.)

The typed letters sometimes have bad formatting. Sometimes, the letters overlap. Formatting is not saved. If you make a word bold and a certain size, expect it to become regular when you reopen the program. It takes long for Abiword to open up!

Other Thoughts:
I am deleting this program and getting Open Office. It's a lot bigger than Abi Word but at least it works AND it's better than Word.

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"The Best Word Processor Around!"
by: Arpgme

Other Thoughts:
AbiWord is absolutely the best word processor around. It is probably the smallest word processor in the word and you can still do so much with this program!

If your computer is old/slow and you want an excellent word processor, ditch word and get this!

If you want to do some extreme science or math combined with writing and you have a really fast computer with a lot of space, then get Open Office.

No matter which one you choose it will be better than word!

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"not the best around"
by: Jodokus

Other Thoughts:
for that is

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"Best around"
by: Abby Normal

Other Thoughts:
Best wp sw around, free or not. (And yes, this splits columns; see below).

If you process words, you owe it to yourself to try it.

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"what the..."
by: gugukandmiaw

Other Thoughts:
oooow my goooat...
i can't copy / paste the words from abiword to any text process apps (notepad, ooo writer, wordpad, ms office, etc)

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by: John

Other Thoughts:
+ Opens Win 98 Docs under XP + XP docs. XP refuses to open win 98 docs.
+ Built in Spell checker & Grammar checker that checks them as you are typing.
+ Has column splitting now, although instead of available as an icon on the toolbar, you have to click format on the top ribbon to access it.
- Still seems to install strings for other languages, even if you only select English!

Haven't tested to see if they corrected the large text import bug yet, but so far, seems to be doing great!

With improvements like these, nothing but compliments!

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"The last good version was 2.6.3..."
by: Atta Boy

Other Thoughts:
- Free & easy
- Small & powerful
- Opens win 98 & xp files, when XP refuses to open win 98 documents...

- 2.6.6 leaves out column splitting (for newspapers & magazines), which is BAD because I LOVED that feature a lot. Filehippo has version 2.6.3, which is the last version of it that still supports this feature. This is one reason I only gave it a 4 instead of a 5 star rating, in addition to those listed below.
- Hangs a long time on large text imports, or clipboard text pastes...
- On large text pastes, reverses the placement of texts... By large, meaning spanning about 25 pages or so. In my case, I tried Open Office & it pasted the whole Bible correctly into the document in seconds, while abiword took minutes & got books of the bible scrambled around.

The words were mostly in the right places, but the books of the bible were scrambled around... Exodus might be around Judges for example.

Add Column splitting back, make large text pastes import fast & in the right place like they should be, & you will definitely sell me on the merits of this freeware gem!

P.S. Someone needs to create a minimal install that already has the dll files built into abiword... Less complicated is better.

In addition, do the installer where it will install ONLY the English language (opposed to selecting english, & getting 50 other languages installed... complete with strings, etc.

Build the spell checker library into abiword.

Try to impress us with a single abiword exe that has everything. I guess that is all I have to say, & don't forget, I love you guys!

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"Thank You"
by: ThisBoy

Other Thoughts:
I could not thank the author enough for this lightweight program.

This software opened all of the my older Word files with no problem. Whoever you are that designed this program all I can say is "Thank you very much".

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"it was okay"
by: student

Other Thoughts:
I could use the program easily but when you are on it for a long time it will randomly shut down the program which is not good if you have not saved. And doesn't help when you are on a time limit. Also you cannot save as a .doc or .wps file which is inconvenient when you have to upload a document from a different location and program

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" We begin to look with suspicions and certain contempt to MS Office Word 2003 and - oh my Sweet Lord"
by: Dr. Nemo

Other Thoughts:
As an "Open Source" project, AbiWord begins to arrive to the maturity, and as alternative in front of the processors of words that we know, the doubts about their functions and productivity go already vanishing. It begins to like us and, frankly, from the version 2.5.2, we have used it with so much frequency that, the truth, we begin to look with suspicions and certain contempt to MS Office Word 2003 and OpenOffice 2.4, too.

AbiWord 2.6.3 confirms, for example, that the .odt - more compressed than that of OpenOffice - it is now the best alternative before the classic compressed .rtf.

The new design of the logo, the splash and the icons of the .exe ones are among the most excellent characteristics in AbiWord.

Equally, if you prefer it, now it can install it in the pendrive like a portable one.

Something more, it has substantially improved the speed of opening of files and the plugin impexp that it allows it to try efficiently with such formats as pdb, doc/dot, wp/wpd, .602, OpenXML, etc.

It is still pending its great problem: To be on the edge of an infarction, rallentando to the system and excessively committing the RAM and to the processor, when it has to open bigger files to the 250 KB. We have trust that this will be overcome when the version 3 - in which good people of AbiSource are already working - arrives us.

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by: Junk Buster

Other Thoughts:
Works under XP with win 98 word files, something Microsoft XP fails miserably on.

Like all the other bloatware produced by MS usually does.

Have noticed opensource seems to work when MS fails.... Are opensource authors smarter? Or is MS trying to build their empire on greed and control?

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"good for home use"
by: hoppy

Other Thoughts:
good for home use and lets face it, its free. microsoft is bloated compared to this and its a good alternative.

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"very slow"
by: cheap

Other Thoughts:
I found that it had most features i needed, but when working on a 44 page document was slow

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by: Wohlduftende Muschi

Other Thoughts:
This software is really great and fulfills all your needs for everyday letter writing! Good alternative to bloated office packages.

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