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Reviewed on December 18, 2017

PC Monitoring tools ensure that your hardware is healthy and running smoothly. If you're an avid gamer, you should periodically test your hardware to inspect its overall performance and to check the exact CPU and RAM storage that are used up by your favorite games. There are several free monitoring tools on the market today, and one of the best ones that you will ever come across is AgaueEye. AgaueEye Software is a free hardware monitoring tool that is specifically geared towards gamers.

Features and Functions of AgaueEye Software

  • It is capable of monitoring the state of your CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, and MB. Once installed, it is integrated into the systray at start-up. It displays two gauges, which shows the current RAM and CPU usage. You can get valuable information such as CPU load, average usage, maximum RAM usage, core and memory clocks, VRAM usage, maximum temperature, and much more.
  • It supports well-known graphics engines such as Direct X (versions 8 to 12) and OpenGL.
  • It records the monitoring results so that you can analyze it afterward. You can easily access the history of your game sessions if you want to review the summary, GPU details, FPS and graphical reports.
  • It is capable of overlaying your system information, supporting in-game overlay for 3000 PC games. This means that you can monitor the state of your hardware while you're playing games. It has numerous overlay types, with plenty of customizations available. You can choose from two in-game overlay modes: text or graphics. You can also choose either hidden or disable modes. You can also select overlay appearance (position, font, size, and color). If overlay does not work in other games, you have the option to enable "Unknown Games Support." OBS, Shadow Play, ReLive and Anti-Cheat are its other compatible options.
  • It has a straightforward, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.
  • Aside from its monitoring capabilities, AgaueEye shows your PC's hardware specifications.

The Final Verdict

AgaueEye is an essential tool for gamers. According to its developer XOptiray, AgaueEye does not support all games. However, it is compatible with Origin, Steam, and uPlay. Though there have been some minor bug fixes that are typical for any software, this unobtrusive hardware monitor is very useful. Overall, AgaueEye's benefits for its users far outweigh the negative feedback. It is a highly recommended tool, providing a much-needed solution for monitoring your PC while playing games.

Software Product Description

Essential tool for gamers to monitor their computer performance. Supports over 3,000 games.


"great tools for pc hardware monitor."

Reviewer: -fallback89

Review Date: 2018-02-04

Pros: in-game overlay hardware monitor

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: has new version update, visit the


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