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Release Date:   2019-07-08

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10

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Reviewed on July 08, 2019

Free audio recorder that's easy to learn and use competently.

Ashampoo's Audio Recorder is simple to use whether you're recording voice messages to yourself or music to listen to later. In fact, you can record music, streams or even podcasts - using up to 48kHz sampling rates, and edit them so that they'll sound perfect.

The free music and voice recorder has all the useful features you need to record from your microphone or from your speakers and you save to just about any output format. Playback and a media library are built-in features.

Download and install the program, and launch to the very clean and simple user interface. At left you'll find your Media Library where clips include name, date of recording and the duration as well as icons to access the output location and deletion tool. Upon selection of a clip, the name displays in the main window. You can rename it by simply hovering over it and selecting the pencil icon.

At the center of the window is the Start/Stop button and center right is a switch for microphone recording or loopback. The timeline of the recording is at the lower end of the window and the playback controls are at the bottom of the interface with editing mode (scissors icon), renaming (pencil icon) and settings icons at the bottom right.

Free voice recorder

With the switch at the right on Mic, click the button at the center screen to start recording. A red border will display around the button and the recording duration will display beneath it.

Click the button again to stop recording and your clip will be added to the Media Library.

Free music recorder

Switch to Speakers (Loopback) and click the center screen button when you're ready to begin recording, i.e. play what you want to record. In this mode, you will record everything that is audible to you.

As with voice recording, click the button to stop recording and add your clip to the Media Library.

Editing your audio clips

Select the clip you want to trim in the Media Library panel in the free audio recorder's interface then click the scissors icon at the bottom right to change to editing mode. Start and Stop icons replace the playback controls at the center bottom of the screen, save buttons display at the bottom right with playback controls moved to the left.

Play the clip and click the timeline at the point you want your clip to begin and click Start. In the same way, click on the timeline, then on End to trim the clip to where you want it to end.

Review your edited clip by playing it back. Save it either by overwriting the original file name or by saving it as a copy. Output formats including MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC and more.

Ashampoo Audio Recorder is an easy to use free audio recorder that provides quality sound recording for creating simple voice or audio output files. It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher.

Software Product Description

Capture audio from your microphone or from your speakers.