Calcuverter 0.91      

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Release Date:   2010-04-24

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

Calcuverter is a calculator and unit converter in one. Furthermore, you can enter queries in plain English. Normal desktop calculators always seemed counter-intuitive to me. Why emulate the limited interface (ie a numeric pad) of a pocket calculator, when you've got the power of a desktop computer and keyboard at your finger tips.

This is a very simple interface, with a lot of hidden power. It uses the google calculator as its engine, which means that it can do complex calculations and unit conversions. If the calculation is a simple mathematical expression, the linux version will use the bc program, rather than going online.


  • Simple interface;
  • Mathematic calculations;
  • Unit conversion;
  • Currency conversion;
  • Plain English query entry;
  • Syntax checking
  • Query history
  • Clipboard support