Chem4Data 2.2.5      

Size:   13.38MB

License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2014-06-29

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OS:  Windows XP/7

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Software Product Description

Chem4Data is a free chemical database software, very unique of its kind.


  • Maximum 1 MILLION records are supported.
  • Database navigation by Next, Previous, First, Last buttons.
  • Search database by 8 fields.
  • Show info like Chemical Name, IUPAC Name, CAS Registry Number, EC Number, SMILES Code, STP Outline, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Solubility, Percent Purity, Molecular Formula, Molecular Weight, Equivalent weight, Physical Appearance, Specific Gravity, pH Value, Special Note and Chemical Structure.
  • Associated web links for every record.
  • Search displayed chemical on Google with "Shift + 3" shortcut key using default web browser.
  • Shortcut keys for fast operations.
  • Check for new version and Update instantly.
  • Export entire database to MS Excel (.xls) file.
  • Sort records by ascending and descending order.
  • All fields of a record are editable by a single click.
  • Edit, Delete records and add New records.
  • Prevention of Database file from duplicate entries.
  • Save current record info as text(.txt), Word(.doc) or Excel(.xls) file.
  • Print current record info
  • Make quick backup of database file on PC with an automated unique name like "Chem4data(date)-(time).mdb".
  • User-defined database backup folder.
  • Select & open database file from backup folder.
  • Clear entire database by a single click to use a new database, instead of one by one deletion of records manually.
  • System Requirement: Windows XP, Windows 7.