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Reviewed on December 13, 2016

What do you do when you want to extract audio from a DVD? Do you have to play the DVD as you record with another application or device? You do not need to do that but use DVDtoHP instead. The application is designed to extract audio from music DVDs without loss of quality.

While a music DVD has six audio channels, many program try to mix the channels into a two-channel recording. However, this method tends to result in strange sound effects or a messy stereo image. Some programs leave out some channels, but this leads to the loss of some important information.

DVDtoHP simulates binaural or "artificial head" recording where sounds from different locations reach the ears at slightly different times. For example, sound from the right channel reaches the right ear first before reaching the left ear after a slight delay. The lower frequencies are not muffled as much as the higher ones.

This is simulated by delivering the signal from the left side filtered and delayed to the right side and vice versa. The rear channels get a longer delay and are more muffled than the front channels.

The program can also be used with ordinary sound files, to improve listening experience when listening with headphones.

When you click the "Extract audio from DVD" button, a window opens where you need to select the audio track that you want to extract. The best choice is DTS (5.1) track. The program saves the extracted audio as a WAV, AC3 or DTS file.

You may then convert the audio to either headphone or speaker audio. When you choose to convert to headphone audio, the software simulates binaural recording that you can only use with headphones. Alternatively, you may convert to speaker audio, in which case the converted audio is playable with two speakers.

It is important to understand that people have different Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs), which means that the extracted audio will sound differently to different people.

DVDtoHP allows you to convert multiple audio files simultaneously.

The deb installation file used by Ubuntu and Linux Mint automatically installs all dependencies.

Additionally, DVDtoHP:

  • Accepts not only stereo and 5.1, but everything in between.
  • Supports almost every audio format.
  • Export/import opus audio files, the successor of mp3.
  • As alternative, it can use sofalizer of ffmpeg for cenversion.

Software Product Description

Convert various audio files to binaural files. New version (3.4): Open dialog has now multiple file selection. Multiple selected files in a map can be converted in one run.



Reviewer: -Eric

Review Date: 2019-07-09

Pros: It converts almost every format. It can even convert SACD dff and dsf files to normal stereo 16 bits 44100 Hz format (CD format). I use it to convert unknown audio formats. Even multichannel audio.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: None


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