Easy Shaky Video Fixer 0.3.7      

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Release Date:   2018-03-09

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Reviewed on March 09, 2018

Easy Shaky Video Fixer is a free tool that fixes shaky videos with a single click of a button. Shaky videos are at times inevitable unless you have the use of a tripod or other stable platform to hold your video camera. However, one often takes videos unexpectedly while out running errands, visiting friends or relatives, etc. Well, Easy Shaky Video Fixer is the perfect tool to correct and smooth your treasured videos.

Simple to use GUI

The program features a sleek, simple to use interface, making it easy to fix your shaky videos. To correct your video, load the file of your choice which will be displayed in the middle of the user interface. Next, scroll to the area you want to fix, and click "Fix." That's it. Easy Shaky Video Fixer will automatically fix and correct your video.


There are options available that you can adjust to fine tune the smoothing effect of the correcting process. The following options are:

Shakiness Correction - This option allows you to set the shakiness of the input video. The range is 1-10 with 10 being the shakiest.

Accuracy - The analyzing process can be adjusted for more accuracy. The values are 1-15 with 15 being the most accurate.

Stepsize - This feature sets the stepsize of the search process.

Mincontrast - This function allows to adjusts the minimum contrast of the video. You must use a floating point value from 0-1. You can test with varying numbers until you find the perfect value for your input video.

Smoothing - This option sets the number of frames used for filtering the movement of the camera. Testing different numbers will correct and fix your video to the smoothness that you want. Note: Selecting a number such as 5 means 11 frames are used (5 in the past, 5 in the future), to smoothen the shakiness of the video.


Easy Shaky Video Fixer is a handy tool to fix your videos that include unexpected camera shakes or motion while you were making a video. It's an excellent solution to fix those cherished videos that captured a moment in time you wanted to preserve.

Software Product Description

Free software to easily fix shaky videos.