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Software Product Description

The eyeOS MiniServer is a version of eyeOS designed to run under Windows without any additional server installations. It's perfect for users who want to use eyeOS without having a hosting provider or without having to configure a web server

When downloaded, you will have to run the unpacker and everything will be installed in your system. In seconds you will have your eyeOS installed and an icon on your desktop for launching eyeOS in its own browser (based on the great Firefox 1.5).

The first time you launch it you will see the install script of eyeOS. All you have to do is choose your root password and you can start using your brand new desktop!

Using eyeOS from intranet / internet
If you have more than one computer in a Local Network, you can login to your eyeOS from other computers by typing http://LOCAL_IP:85. For example, if the computer with the MiniServer installed is "" then type and you will see the login screen of eyeOS!

Want more? If you have a properly configured router and firewall, you can access your eyeOS from internet by typing http://YOUR_PUBLIC_IP:85. You can find out your public IP by visiting

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above.



Reviewer: -yoook

Review Date: 2006-08-08

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Other Thoughts: Great when you move to a friend house


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