What's New in version 1.8 Beta R4:

  • removed always asking for saving of setting and only ask when changes have actually been made to the config.
  • changed the save dialoge box message.

What's new in version 1.8 Beta R3:

  • changing to a DHCP address is done through WMI making it faster.
  • changing without DNS, WINS or default gateway set now uses WMI as it is a lot faster.
  • fixed command line stuff to work with more configs.
  • fixed name changes with more configs (as i forgot to fix this).

What's New in version 1.8 Beta R2:

  • too much code change and errors i fixed.
  • enabled support for more configs. the setting is in the config file
  • fixed issue with default gateway not being set.

What's New in version 1.7:

  • bigger update this time. making up for last time :)
  • changed the GUI around.
  • cleaned up the code and changed the way some functions were called.
  • changed a line in the welcome message. and fixed a typo.
  • changed the renaming of configs so when you click away it renames the config tabs and tray options.
  • updated the readme for the new GUI.

What's New in version 1.6:

  • added tray options and the ability to minimise to tray.
  • changed the welcome message to be able to be used as the about option in the tray.
  • fixed the DHCP server information as it was only showing wins server instead of dhcp server.
  • updated the Readme file.