Galaxy Games Online v1.03      

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Release Date:   2003-11-10

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Galaxy Games Online (GGO) is a role-playing game (RPG), text-based, online game playing tool. Developed from scratch, it is packed with features, some of which include:

  • Fully featured text chat
  • Online and offline capabilities
  • Dynamic character sheets - make your own character sheets in real time!
  • Completely customisable
  • Powerful game playing statistics
  • Integrated programming language

Using proprietary technologies developed specifically for their individual purposes, GGO maintains a stable, low-bandwidth connection with servers and clients.

GGO's online capabilities is complemented by a game server, which allows you to host and join games without having deal with IP addresses. Galaxy Games Online is perfect for online role-playing with friends, and is possible to use for any game, including both Dungeons and Dragons and AD&D. And, for the more creative, you can even create your own games, based solely on your ideas! GGO is designed with flexibility in mind and almost anything is possible.

Version 1.01 includes more documentation, help for first time users, enhanced dice syntax, support for registered usernames, more sample character sheets, an initiative generator, a more helpful interface, a number of minor new features, and fixes a number of bugs.


"Better than the other 2"

Reviewer: -Luarean

Review Date: 2002-02-27

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: The only other 2 programs are OpenRPG and WebRPG. WebRPG's biggest problem; it costs money. GGO dosn't. OpenRPG's biggest problem; the server list, and the ever present map, and the fact that you have to send your sheets to each other and...etc. GGO dosn't have any of that, as most of those problems are handled automatically. GGO itself is an awsome program, which even as RichText boxes! Thise enables the user to customize their sheets, their experience, their games. In the new version (1.01b) you can even change the Chatbox backround color!


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