Jovial Memos 1.2      

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Release Date:   2018-08-31  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on January 18, 2016

If you want a convenient means of taking memos on your computer, then Jovial Memos is the right application to use. The free memo editor is lightweight and portable, which means you can even run it from a flash disc.

The program is composed of three files:

  • JovialMemos.exe is the main executable file for launching the program
  • Category.xml file contains all categories you create when using the editor
  • Memo.xml file contains every memo that you create

You can save these files anywhere you like, the only condition being that you must save them in one folder. To launch the program, simply double-click on the executable file or its desktop shortcut if you create one. Although Jovial Memos is a very lightweight application, it does not need any other program to run.

The Memo List window displays the memos you have saved. Please note that the memos are only displayed when the Memo.xml file has not been interfered with or deleted. To see the details of a memo, double click on it. You will see when the memo was last updated as well as its title and content, which you can edit.

You can choose the font used in the memo and whether you want to make it private. Marking the 'Private' checkbox allows you to encrypt a memo by entering your desired passphrase. Once you have edited the memo as you want, save and close it by clicking the 'Save' button.

A drop-down list allows you to select the appropriate category for the memo you want to create. You can add a new category and edit or delete the existing ones.

Software Product Description

Easy to use, portable app to create and manage memos.