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Release Date:   2007-10-14

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OS:  Windows XP

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Software Product Description

Magic Formation is a dock-like application launcher that can be invoked anywhere on your desktop by a circular mouse gesture.

Magic Formation can also be invoked by hot keys, supports skinning, and is highly customizable.

The default formation is circular, but the program also supports a straight formation and a manual, custom formation. The applications are displayed with icons which supports .ico, .bmp, and .png format and are customizable as well.

Magic Formation does not need to be installed and does not write to the registry.


"Been using it for years, Even in Win 8.0. Great tool."

Reviewer: -adam

Review Date: 2015-06-23

Pros: Works very well, even in Win 8. Easy to use drag and drop or manually. Just enough options.

Cons: Some screens offer non-english (gibberish?) text..but you can figure it out. Sometimes it's settings get lost so back them up every so often.

Other Thoughts: A really nice piece of work. If you like these kind of launchers this is the best.


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