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Reviewed on March 08, 2018

Monitoring RAM usage is the answer to having the ability to free up RAM when launching a memory-intensive program. Belgium-based CodeDead meets this need with MemPlus, a free application that allows you to do just that - simply by clicking a 'Clear memory' button.

MemPlus monitors the RAM usage on your device to provide you with the ability to manually clear memory or to automatically clear it at an allocated threshold or time settings. An exclusions list prevents any instability in the system or impact on the performance of your applications. A built-in RAM Analyzer provides manufacturer information, capacity and clock speeds and the logging capability tracks every action the program takes to optimize memory.

Start managing your system's RAM efficiently now

MemPlus can be used as a portable application, or it can be installed on your computer. Download and open the utility, and you will find a simple interface where a color-coded barometer displays your current RAM consumption. The usage is shown as a percentage. Total physical memory and the amount being used is also shown providing a clear indication of any likelihood of a system slow down if you launch another application while continuing to require programs already open. If this appears imminent, just click the 'Clear memory' button beside the barometer.

Settings to optimize memory

The application is comprised of a RAM Monitor, a RAM Optimizer and a RAM Analyzer. A settings menu provides the tools for setting up your options.

The General settings window allows you to specify defaults for running MemPlus. You can have it start automatically to run in the background every time you start Windows, enable automatic updates as well as a number of other options to fully meet your needs.

Monitoring parameters are selected in the RAM Monitor settings window, and cache clearing functions are available in the RAM Optimizer window where you can also add programs to an exclusions list. The Theme window provides options to customize the application's appearance including several style formats and a choice of colors and borders.

Analyzing RAM information

MemPlus's RAM Analyzer displays complete and current information on your system's RAM, enabling retrieval of the specifications at any point and providing an export capability to text, HTML, Excel or CSV. A refresh button is included in the interface.

Logs are also available and are cleared every ten minutes to conserve resources. In addition to displaying all application actions, the Logging window contains 'Export' and 'Refresh' buttons should you require them. Exporting a current log is useful should you have problems and need support from the developer.

A lightweight application, MemPlus effectively reduces the RAM being used by non-essential processes. It can be manually activated for the purpose or set to run automatically as a background utility. 40MB free disk space and 80 MB free RAM is required along with .NET Framework.

Software Product Description

Free up RAM and optimize memory on your computer.