Model Air Design 1.8      

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 Reviewed on December 10, 2015

If you thought that it was easy to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, then it may come as a rude shock to you to discover how long it can take to learn the ropes. Most CAD programs are so complex that you need advanced technical skills to use them. Thankfully, Model Air Design allows you to create aircraft models with relative ease.

Using Model Air Design

Model Air Design does not demand too much in terms of system requirements. Ideally, you should be able to use any windows computer built by 2001 onward. It only requires a 500 MHz Pentium PC with at least 256 MB memory, and you can use even Windows 98 with DirectX 8.0.

The software features an intuitive graphical user interface displaying different models of airplanes, particularly based on their wing styles. When we clicked our preferred style, the software took us to the first stage of the design process, where the default model was displayed on the lower middle part of the interface.

Around the model were tabs we used to change its various characteristics, such as fuselage, wing, horizontal stab and base model. We could select parts from different airplanes, adjust their sizes, move them around and even paint them our preferred colors.

We did not have to worry about lack of drawing skills. We simply selected different pre-drawn parts and fit them together to make our design. The software assembled the parts we selected and used them to draw our model aircraft.

The program allowed us to be as creative as we wanted as it offered many design options. In addition to modifying the height, width and length of wings, for example, we could place them in different positions. We could also view our model from all angles.

Once we had completed our design, Model Air Design allowed us to perform test flights, and we had the option to choose its flight speed.


Model Air Design is an intuitive software that makes it easy to design creative aircraft models in 3-D format. The simple CAD tool is ideal for both young and old people interested in creating aircraft models. The program supports the use of pre-defined hot-keys. However, it is different than conventional CAD programs since it does not generate line drawings.

Software Product Description

Quick and easy way to create airplane models.


"its ok"

Reviewer: -steff

Review Date: 2015-12-11

Pros: nice program fun to play with, it will get better later easy to use and nice but simple graphics.

Cons: Nice to have full screen and why when you downloaded you only get demo not full version. if freeware make clear that it's a demo

Other Thoughts: overall could be a great program both as a game ans also as a aid for model makers. Needs work but I think it will get there with time.


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