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 Reviewed on December 17, 2015

If you enjoy watching movies, and many people do, then you can use the help of Movie Info Search to get more information about your favorite movies or the ones you would like to watch. The lightweight application makes it easy to browse posters, trailers and other details about the films you may be interested in.

Using Movie Info Search

Movie Info Search is a portable application that you only need to extract to your desired destination.

When we launched the freeware, we were greeted with a basic graphical user interface featuring four tabs on the upper part respectively named Search Title On Line, Search Title Off Line, Search Video On Line and Options. The second tab of searching titles offline was of no use until we saved information downloaded from the Internet. A search bar where we entered movie titles was just below the tabs.

The main application window was divided into two panes, with the left pane displaying movie details in text format while the right one displayed its poster. We got many types of details, including type, year, genre, rating, release date, runtime, director, writer, actors, language, country, awards, metascore, IMDB rating, IMDB votes, IMDB ID and plot.

We could use the software to search for information from Google or Rotten tomatoes when we entered a keyword. It also allowed us to search videos and trailers from YouTube via its integrated browser. The program also included a player that allowed us to watch movies directly without using an external application.

Buttons on the lower part of the user interface allowed us to save or print the details or poster. We could also load either the info or poster we had previously saved. We created folders with the default names given, which were the names of the respective movies whose details we wanted to save. When we saved the details and poster in the same folder with the same filename, we loaded both at once by clicking the 'Load Info' button.

Movie Info Search loaded previously saved details into a collection list, which we could use in a variety of ways. For example, we could edit some information when we removed the tick on the 'Read Only' check box, load and save missing poster downloaded from a different website or launch the Reader to view details about a particular title.

The 'Options' tab enabled us to configure the way we wanted the program to function. For instance, we could set it to save info and poster simultaneously, specify the path of the favorites list and choose what to do when playing favorites.


Movie Info Search is a handy utility for getting relevant details about required videos, which include text info and poster. Although you initially need an Internet connection to get the details online, you can save them locally. The program allows you to load your offline database as a local HTML album. You can use it to create an index of your titles and posters irrespective of the pages from where they are created.

Software Product Description

Movie Info Search is a free tool to search the internet for movie or TV series information.


"A niffty clean and surprisingly very efficient software"

Reviewer: -Elisabeth

Review Date: 2016-02-06

Pros: Ease of use Fast retrieval of a huge amount of information about movie including blockbuster picture. Ability to watch trailer inside the software. Management of the information collected. Backup of collected information. On line updates, simple process. Portable, so I can take my movie database with me when I travel. Lots lots of options. HTML Album.

Cons: The database include text file and JPEG image and can grow big in term of weight on your HDD, not really a problem these days with modern HDD but what about humble system?

Other Thoughts: I love this software to bit. It took me a bit of time to get used to it and I appreciate the hints to remember me what tools do what. I use it every day as I am a movie fanatic.


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