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Release Date:   2006-01-14

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The game is in modern times, the year 2014. You are playing as Chad Daniels, a rather "moody" teenage boy who, unfortunately, lost his mother to a disease. His father ran out on him, and his Aunt is constantly sick.

Trying to be the best nephew you can be, you help your Aunt out by trying to find her a pillow from your storage room...but...there's someone in your storage room...a little boy.

You ask the little boy to identify himself, but instead, he screams and runs off.

Confused by the weird event, you go check up on your Aunt...but she's gone, and to make matters worse, you begin to hear monstrous sounds coming from your front door. You're saved by an angel, who explains to you that the Kid is actually the "Onyx Boy", the only one who knows the location of the Onyx, and is the object of pursuit by many powerful forces. The angel calls you the "Peditra", the only one who can connect with the Onyx Boy, and destroy the Onyx.

So now you're left with two save the new world of Allumia, which is nearly exactly like your old home...or, find a way back to your own original world. Which one would you choose?



  • Arrow keys: Movement
  • X, V or C: Open/close menu
  • Enter: Action key (open doors or treasures/talk)
[No additional requirements]



Reviewer: -Fluffy

Review Date: 2008-02-23

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Although at times I felt the dialog was slightly forced and there were a few small bugs (nothing major... At Vern and Mary's house you walk straight through the stairs rather than up them and in one of the dungeons, an entrance and exit were switched to get to previous parts of the dungeon, if you open a hubby inside a hubby you can never leave), Onyx was a wonderful game.

My only real criticism is that before some boss battles there was a long conversation which you would have to listen to again and again if you didn't beat the boss

A superb game with great flexibility and a powerful storyline :)


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