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Reviewed on September 01, 2021

Check your copy for plagiarism quickly and accurately.

Nobody wants to be accused of plagiarism, especially when anything that could be regarded as stealing somebody else's work can happen so easily in these 'cut and paste' times. We have so much information at our fingertips that inadvertently duplicating words that have been published elsewhere is often unavoidable.

Plagiarism Checker X is a plagiarism detector that is an almost essential application for discovering similarities between what you have written and text existing worldwide on the internet. This is true whether you are working on/researching school assignments, professional presentations, websites, blogs, or any other mode of authorship.

The ability to check plagiarism is a requirement for the entire range of professions. This list includes educators, website content writers and bloggers, publishers of books, journals, newspapers, and any number of search engine optimization consultants.

Detect plagiarism with the use of numerous search engines

Download free Plagiarism Checker X, click the .exe file, and follow the onscreen directions. The user-friendly interface immediately communicates the three basic types of plagiarism that can be detected. You'll find tabs for Online Plagiarism, Side By Side Plagiarism, and Bilk Comparison in a panel at the left.

Using Online Plagiarism, you can load your document and click the Check Plagiarism button at the bottom of the window. The plagiarism detector will search and display the sources of any similar content and the extent of the similarity in summary and in detail, including advice on your next move, i.e. whether to start over!

Clicking the Side By Side Plagiarism provides you with a split-screen where you load your document and target work, and the Check Plagiarism button will start a search of the similarities. Strings of words that are the same are highlighted and a progress slider displays the percentage of copy that is the same.

Bulk Comparison enables you to check plagiarism in two or more documents or URLs and find the similarities relative one to the other documents. This is especially useful to educators who can use it to scan an entire batch of assignments for grading.

The fast and accurate plagiarism detector for everybody

Whether you are a website content producer, a blogger, or a news and information provider, checking for plagiarism is essential in terms of creating duplicate copy without providing your sources. If you are in the search engine optimization business, you'll be able to analyze, determine and improve upon your keyword density in addition to finding plagiarized content. The software is especially convenient for students both for checking for duplication and for providing correct citations and sources - essential for reputation and good grades.

Journalists, politicians, and academic institutions generally, can all benefit from plagiarism detection software. Plagiarism Checker X, which does not require you to load documents online, is at the leading edge of such applications.

  • Supports multiple file-formats including Word files, RTF, PDF, and TXT
  • Seven languages available and support for others
  • Used worldwide
  • Fast, accurate online search for plagiarism
  • Quick comparison of side by side documents
  • One-click multiple document checking

Plagiarism Checker X saves time for verifying facts, information and sources when writing assignments, articles, website content of all types, and ensures that you are not producing any unintentionally plagiarized content. It is compatible with all recent versions of 32- and 64-bit Windows, requires a minimum 1.5GHz processor, 2 GB memory, and 50 MB disk space.

Software Product Description

Text similarity or duplication is revealed in seconds with Plagiarism Checker X.