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Release Date:   2003-04-30

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OS:  Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP

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Software Product Description

Re-Search is a new search product that provides a wonderful way to search the Internet. It makes your searches easy, fast and effective. You can search information on the web with more than one search engine simultaneously. Using which one and using how many engines all depends on you.

Among its many hot features, this software offers several ways to edit the engines. You can download others at the site at any time.

Re-Search provides results' abstracts drawing every result's Title, URL address, brief introduction and source information, then you can see it clearly. Furthermore, you can view the results in web page mode, and it offers an easy way to link to the homepage of the information you are looking for. Additionally, you can turn on the goal page of the result with the acquiescence web page browser of system. Of course you can look over the historical record searched for after this software is started .

Re-Search offers proxy, to different search engines, can choose and use different agencies while doing search.