Safy Notebook 1.0      

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License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2020-06-16

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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Reviewed on June 16, 2020

Create and store multiple rich-text documents in encrypted notepad storage files.

Free Windows software, Safy Notebook enables you to create RTF files and separately encrypt documents for storage in a single file which is referred to as a notebook. Additionally, you can store additional files, regardless of format, within the notebook. Each of the stored files is encrypted separately and they can all be decrypted and exported individually for further editing.

Keep files safe from unauthorized viewing in a single encrypted notepad

Safy Notebook is the safest means of storing encrypted documents because the files are independent of operating systems, drivers, and services. Additional features of the utility include:

  • Encryption of data files inclusive of their names
  • Capability to create and edit RTF documents
  • Drag and drop capability
  • Expandable storage capacity
  • Unlimited sections
  • Attachments in any format

User-friendly program with password entry to your encrypted notepad

Downloaded and executed (as Administrator), Safy Notebook launches to 'New' and 'Open...' buttons. Clicking 'New' provides you with a 'Create' window with input bars for Location and Password creation of your Safy Notebook, and checkboxes for 'Remember' and 'Open at Startup.'

The simple interface is headed by a menu bar with New, Open, Close, Change Location, and Change Password tabs. Upon opening either a new or existing encrypted Notebook file, you will be able to create a new note which will display in the left-hand panel of the interface.

The main window features a basic RTF document creation screen with tabs and rich text formatting tools - alignment, font, typestyle, etc. - at the top. Each note can have multiple tabs, and image files can be inserted. Under the window is an area for dragging and dropping attachments. Notes, tabs, and attachments can all be renamed, deleted, or exported.

Hierarchy of a Safy Notebook file

When you use free Safy Notebook to encrypt documents in a single file, each document, image, or webpage you add to the notebook is encrypted individually. When you launch the program and open your password-protected notebook, you will find all your notes listed in the left-hand panel of the interface. Clicking a note displays it in the right-hand panel with attachments listed below in the lower right-hand panel. You can click on the notebook itself, any individual note or attachment to decrypt and export it for editing or sharing.

Safy Notebook is a useful program enabling you to encrypt documents for your own protection while providing integral RTF tools for creating documents.

Software Product Description

Notebook in which files of various formats can be added to the single storage file.

Note: Safy Notebook must be Run as Administrator.