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Release Date:   2021-09-18

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)

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Reviewed on August 05, 2021

High-performance free context menu manager provides ultimate control.

Nilesoft Shell enables you to customize, edit and add items to the right-click context menu in Windows, and, in addition, to control how they are displayed.

The Windows context menu often gets cluttered. Program installations sometimes add themselves to the menu whether or not you want access to them from there. Applications you do want listed, often add options that you don't want and often, among the clutter, you'll even find uninstalled programs continuing to appear - complete with options!

A portable context menu manager, the utility provides functions and variables for performing a wide range of menu operations. Some of the many options for customizing your Windows right-click menu include:

  • Add items or expand access to the context menu items any file or folder, your desktop or taskbar
  • Add new items or sub-menu items to create cascaded menus
  • Customize items added by third party program installations
  • Configure additions and changes in plain text
  • Add customized command-line arguments for menu items
  • Add, remove, or edit titles and images

Simply write code for Shell in Notepad or another text editor

Once you have downloaded Shell, you need to activate it at the command prompt (as Administrator) with the options you require, i.e. -init (-i) initialize images cache; -restart (-re) restart Windows Explorer; -silent (-s) prevents displaying messages; -? display this help message. Once the utility is activated, you simply open the file the configuration file included in the download package - shell.shl in a text editor. Make your changes and save the file.

Syntax is simplified, is not case sensitive and both static and dynamic items are optional with properties put in parentheses and separated by blank spaces or separate lines. There is support for predefined variables, built-in functions, glyphs, colors, icons, and image files including PNG, BMP, and ICO.

The Shell developer, Nilesoft provides in-depth documentation on using and writing code for the utility. This includes full explanation, for users unfamiliar with using code, of the syntax required and the correct formats for statements and expressions. It lists all the built-in functions and variables including all the available options.

Some examples of the extent to which you can modify your context window with the utility are included. One of these adds dynamic items - Favorites and Directories - to the menu enabling you to quickly click through applications and folders you use most often. The other adds preferences for copying items to the clipboard. Both give you insight into what you can do with the utility to improve your productivity by maximizing the functions of the right-click menu.

The context menu manager is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7 to 10.

Software Product Description

Powerful context menu manager for Windows File Explorer. To edit regular items or add new items. Features Full management of the context menu. Adding new custom menu items such as submenu (cascaded menus), menuitem and separator. Modify regular menu items added by system or third-party programs. Support all file system objects files, folders, desktop and taskbar. Support expressions syntax. Support Built-in functions and predefined variables. Support colors, glyphs, embedded icons, and image files such as .ico, .png or .bmp. Support search and filter. Support Taskbar context menu. Support for complex nested context menus. Quickly and easily configure file in plain text Clean and simple user interface. Minimal resource usage. No limitations. Changes - Add a new UI to manage registration. - Add a new property parent to dynamic items. - Bug fixes.