SpeedStart 1.0      

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Release Date:   2007-01-08

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OS:  Windows

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Software Product Description

SpeedStart is a great way to speed up starting your programs. If your Windows Startmenu looks anything like mine you have to crawl through your menu, trying to find the right item to click. My menu items are never where I expect them and I allways have to use the mouse to much to start a program. That's the reason I wrote SpeedStart.

SpeedStart is doing the crawling for you. You just press the hotkey and start typing a few characters. Just typing exc is enough to find Microsoft Office Excel 2003, press to start Excel and SpeedStart hides, waiting for the next time you press the hotkey.

I allways seem to forget the name of that great program I installed a few weeks ago. But I do know it was someting with 'burn' in the name. So I just press the SpeedStart hotkey and type burn, SpeedStart finds the program for me. I press the and keys to browse through the items SpeedStart found and press to start the program and hide SpeedStart.


"Fast without mouse!"

Reviewer: -Peter

Review Date: 2007-01-14

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Other Thoughts: I try to use the keyboard where possible, with SpeedStart I can start any program in my menu without the mouse. Thanks!


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