StreamArmor 4.0      

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Release Date:   2014-08-26

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OS:  Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Software Product Description

StreamArmor is the sophisticated tool for discovering hidden alternate data streams (ADS) as well as clean them completely from the system. It's advanced auto analysis coupled with online threat verification mechanism makes it the best tool available in the market for eradicating the evil streams.

It comes with fast multi threaded ADS scanner which can recursively scan over entire system and quickly uncover all hidden streams. All such discovered streams are represented using specific color patten based on threat level which makes it easy for human eye to distinguish between suspicious and normal streams.

It has built-in advanced file type detection mechanism which examines the content of file to accurately detect the file type of stream. This makes it great tool in forensic analysis in uncovering hidden documents/images/audio/video/database/archive files within the alternate data streams.


  • Fast, multi threaded ADS scanner to quickly and recursively scan entire computer or drive or just a folder.
  • 'Snapshot View' for quick identification
  • Advanced stream file type detection
  • Sophisticated 'Auto Threat Analysis' based on heuristic technology
  • 'Online Threat Verification' to check for presence of Virus or Rootkit in the suspicious streams
  • Representation of streams using color pattern based on threat level
  • Save the selected stream file content to a disk, or USB drive or DVD for further analysis.
  • Execute/Run the selected executable stream file for analyzing its malicious nature in virtual environments such as VMWare.
  • Generate HTML report for discovered streams.
StreamArmor is fully Portable software which can be directly run anywhere without installing locally. It works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to latest operating system Windows 8.


"Excellent Software"

Reviewer: -Ivehadit

Review Date: 2011-08-25

Pros: Fast Scan Thorough.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: This is one of these top of the range free software that pop up now and again and you are beholden to. Such a sweet thing.


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