The Kingdom of VoStora 0.2a      

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Release Date:   2013-06-01  | Changelog

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Software Product Description

In a mystical world living in the shadows cast by the errors of ancient warmongering nations, people live their lives as peacefully as one could imagine; however, not all is as peaceful as it may seem.

Those who have the ancient birthright to wield the powers of the elements are left with nothing more than prophetic dreams, and some plot secretly to revive their mystical powers and do what they should've done in the first place... keep these powers out of the hands of those nations that would abuse them, while the same kingdoms that might put the powers to use spend their own resources to discover what really happened during the great war thousands of years ago, which left the world's magical well tapped dry.

While such a state of affairs sounds like it is on the verge of tipping into disaster, millennia have passed in this way with no progress made by either side. However, one average woman will set off on a journey in an effort to protect and save her friends from an unknown impending disaster, setting off a sudden chain of events that could change the fate of their world and beyond forever.

What's New in version 0.2a:

New Stuff:

  • Can now take a nap free of charge in Victoria's Bedroom in Grensan when Victoria is in the party
  • Can now take a nap free of charge in the Elder's Hut in Shuukaku when Sara is in the party


  • Herbalism items can no longer be purchased or sold. The primary way to obtain them will be finding them in pots/chests, drops from monsters, or by harvesting them.
  • All references to herbs being bought or sold have also been removed, to the best of my knowledge. If you find any stray references in dialogue, please let me know so that I can remove them
  • Renamed the 'Death' status to 'KO' in an effort to be a bit less morbid
  • Drop rate for trader-related items have been increased by about 50 percent
  • Decreased the trade-item requirements for the Elm Staff
  • Decreased the HP of all standard (non-boss) enemies in Chapter 1 by about 25 percent
  • The bats in 'Grensan Forest - Passage' now have less HP
  • The price of Weak Potion has been decreased
  • The price of Revivify has been decreased
  • The price of the Life Ring, Sight Band, and Power Band have been decreased
  • Inn Price at Shuukaku has been reduced
  • Potion now recovers more HP (200 -> 300) and has had its cost reduced
  • Weak Ether and Ether are now called 'Weak Mana Charge' and 'Mana Charge'
  • The price of Mana Charge items has been reduced (The effect of Mana Charge items will likely change in version 0.2.1)
  • The Mana Charge items can no longer be purchased from Shuukaku, but will be reinstated in v0.2.1. If you already have some in your inventory, they will still be functional and will not be removed.
  • Antidote price reduced to 200
  • Kari Inn price reduced to 50

Bug Fixes:

  • Reworded some of the dialogue near the beginning
  • Fixed the butchered in-game description for Psych-Up
  • The Xa'Vian Mess Hall in the northern part of Port Xa'Vian - East wasn't named properly
  • The book shelf in the Xa'Vian Mess Hall wasn't doing anything



Reviewer: -Nergful

Review Date: 2013-06-16

Pros: I enjoyed playing this game very much, it reminded me a lot of Golden Sun.

Cons: The game isn't very long. It stops just after you star chapter 2 which you can get to in a day.

Other Thoughts: Looking forward to the next release for more chapters.


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