WFDownloader App 0.82 Beta      

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License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2021-07-12  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on March 13, 2020

A free bulk media downloader with multiple options.

WFDownloader App is a free easy to use yet powerful application for managing bulk / batch downloads to your computer. Download wallpapers, media files, images and more in bulk from supported sites fast. The application is essentially an easy to use download manager which can accommodate the acquisition of files from across the internet.

  • Batch downloader for wallpapers, anime, manga, URL lists
  • Bulk downloader for up to full HD images
  • Sequential image downloader for files with specific patterns, i.e. image01.jpg, image02.jpg, etc.
  • Batch exporter
  • Configurable crawler for advanced link search
  • Unsupported site link searcher
  • Integrated with Windows Explorer
  • Resume support
  • Proxy support
  • Auto-refresh

Download and install the free application. The program will launch by default upon completion of the installation process to the comprehensive, easy to navigate interface. Menu bar tabs are File, Tasks, Options and Help and icons for most used tasks appear on the taskbar below it.

Batch downloading with WFDownloader App

Search for a targeted supported site in your browser and copy it to your clipboard. Click the Add button on the WFDownloader App taskbar to open the Website Link Fetcher dialogue and paste the URL into the Link Address bar. Complete the Save location field and click the Config button at the bottom left to open the Link Fetch Config window and select your required image resolution and pages to crawl. Click Accept then click the Confirm button at the bottom right in the Website Link Fetcher window. The links found will be listed in the resulting Link Search window.

You can then remove any links you do not want and set the batch properties, and the batch which will be displayed in the main window of the download manager. Click the Start button on the taskbar to begin downloading.

Download entire albums, all albums from a supported site, amine and manga files

The bulk media downloader is conveniently easy to use. Once you have located the supporting site, copied the link into the Website Link Fetcher dialogue window to add the proposed batch, it's a simple matter of completing configuration instructions if required, confirming and starting the download.

Once the download is completed, you can right-click any required file and hit Open on the context menu to play the media file. Entire TV shows, series, and videos - even an artist's entire catalog can be downloaded. The application supports a wide range of websites from which you can download media.

Downloading sequentially labeled files

Using the Tasks button on the taskbar, you can locate the Add batch download with pattern option. Input the Batch Name, Pattern Address to include the bracketed range of files you want to download and the Save To location. The files will be displayed in list form below the input bars for you to confirm. Once confirmed, downloading will begin.

Downloading and exporting lists of links

Lists of links can be downloaded by copying any list to your clipboard and opening the Add a batch download from clipboard or file from the Tasks button on the taskbar. The list will be displayed in the resulting window. Alternatively, you can use the Grab a file button at the bottom left. Enter the batch name and save location and click Confirm. Click Start to download in the usual manner.

If you want to export a list to another location or device, right-click the required batch in the main window and select Export in the context window. Complete the inputs and select HTML or text output option and click the Export button.

The context menu conveniently provides Resume, Restart, Stop, Refresh, Open, Manage manually, Add back to the queue, Open folder, Remove and Properties in addition to Export and Play.

Installing the free cross-platform batch downloader on your system will provide you with convenience and speed in downloading media content from supported sites and enable you to search for files on unsupported sites.

Software Product Description

Fast batch downloading of images, media files, wallpapers, documents and more.