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Release Date:   2007-12-18

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista

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Software Product Description

WinBuilder is a script engine that will run projects developed by several authors which produce very efficient boot disks available for several windows platforms.

Some projects like LiveXP will create you a XP based boot disk from a Windows XP SP2 Install CD and produce a very small CD image sized around 31Mb~100Mb that can include a lot of features, freeware programs and combine support to SATA drives and Network connections.

Also includes free tools to create bootable USB pendisks with easy to follow instructions.

Another very popular project is VistaPE which is based on the Windows PE 2.0 edition that comes included inside every Windows Vista Install DVD. Our goals are simple - create truly efficient boot disk using only legal and freeware tools.

Each project comes with instructions and details regarding what it is supposed to do and whenever in case of doubt do visit the developer's forums to learn and place any question that crosses your mind.


  • Very flexible with advanced features.
  • It's completely royalty free to include with your own projects
  • Read an updated list of web servers from the internet
  • Can run several projects at the same time launching them as external process
  • Script editor can also be launched from explorer when users double-click them
  • Bigger work area after some UI restructure
  • Logs are automatically displayed if any error occurs while building a project
  • Well.. it's a good tool for the eternal quest to create the "perfect" boot disk!

System Requirements:

  • You will need an Internet conection to download new scripts and projects from the download center
  • You need to run this program as Administrator
  • Under Vista you will need to disable the UAC (User Account Control)


"its very good"

Reviewer: -hoppy

Review Date: 2011-12-17

Pros: Tons of options, portable, good support, good community.

Cons: Nothing worth mentioning..

Other Thoughts: Ave been playing with this for the last 18 hours, i need to have a shower and change my underpants and find a new wife, small price to pay as i produced a live version of xp that's 280mb in size and goes like a rocket booting it from a usb pen drive.

It coped well with a heavily modded nlite version of xp that i used as a source for the livexp script.
If you have a go its probably best to use your original iso as recommended, a just wanted to see how it would cope with my version.

Its a lotta fun but it will also save me a lot of misery as you can customize it to death and produce a powerful diagnostic tool.

Thanks to the team developing it as its looking good and worth a donation which is the highest praise you will ever get from a Scotsman, lol.
A must be more tired than a thought..


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