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Release Date:   2021-04-15

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There are many reasons why you would want to hide files on your computer, and you will find many programs you can use to keep your data safe. They range from simple and free tools to pretty complex ones that come at a premium. Wise Folder Hider can help you get the job done easily and for free. You can use the freeware to hide personal files and folders either within your computer or in a removable storage device.


  • Double Password Protection: Wise Folder Hider uses a two-tier password system for improved safety. The first password gives you access to the program and the second one allows you to hide or expose data.
  • Support for Right-Click Function: You can easily hide files by right-clicking them without opening the program.
  • Drag and Drop: If Wise Folder Hider is open, you can drag and drop files into it to hide them. Please note that only Windows XP, 8, 7 and Vista allow this feature when the User Account Control is disabled.
  • Compatible with Flash Drives: You can use the program to hide the contents of an entire flash drive or selected files and folders. However, it is not compatible with external hard disks.

Using Wise Folder Hider

When we opened Wise Folder Hider for the first time after installation, it asked us to assign a master password that we would use whenever we wanted to access the program. We could use a combination of numbers and letters to create strong passwords. However, we would appreciate it if the program would set the minimum number and types of characters required to create a strong password. This feature can help many people who would resort to shorter and simpler passwords that are easier to guess.

We then created a password for hiding our files. Although we noticed that creating the second password was not mandatory, we recommend that you create it because your data would otherwise remain vulnerable if the application is running.

We found it relatively easy to use Wise Folder Hider. It allowed us to hide private data by making just a few simple clicks. We used it to hide folders and different types of files, including documents, photos and videos. The program works fast irrespective of the size of the file chosen, and it is intelligent enough to refuse hiding empty folders. It allowed us to handle multiple files simultaneously.

The program's simple interface is compatible with Windows 8 systems. The toolbar at the top gives you the option to hide files, folders or USB. The main part of the window provides a list of files. We could use different methods to sort the files, including name, status, lock and operation.

We could not trace the existence of the files we hid or access them using other programs.


Wise Folder Hider is a great application for personal use. If you want to hide private data for business purposes, then you should choose a program that offers stricter encryption.

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Hide private files, photos, videos and other personal data from your PC for free.


Reviewer: -ALI H

Review Date: 2013-09-05

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Cons: which encryption algorithm???? discribe it .

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