Fortunately, yes, connecting an Xbox controller to a PS4 is possible. Though the idea is workable, it’s not as simple as it might sound.

It’s not like you can simply plug it in and start playing. Nonetheless, the possibility of using an Xbox controller on a PS4 does exist.

It just requires a little bit of effort. And, what’s good gaming without putting in some effort? There are a few techniques to make this happen.

Like, you can use third devices, such as a PC or Workstation, to connect an Xbox controller to a PS4.

This article explores different methods for using an Xbox controller on a PS4.

Can You Use a Xbox One Controller on a PlayStation?

No, you can’t directly connect an Xbox One controller to a PlayStation as they have no direct compatibility.

However, a connection of an Xbox One controller to a PlayStation is possible through additional third-party adapters.

Like, the PS3/PS4 to Xbox One Controller Adapter, which you can easily purchase at Amazon, lets you use the Xbox One controller on a PlayStation.

Xbox controllers and PlayStations are two different brands. They are not technically manufactured to work together.

However, they can be made to work together with the help of additional software or hardware.

So, yes, you can use an Xbox controller on a PlayStation by making them connected through third-party adapters.

how to connect xbox controller to ps4

Which Controllers Are Compatible With PS4?

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, Logitech, and Thrustmaster are known to be the best compatible controllers for PS4.

The DualShock controller designs have always made gaming with PS4 easy and fun.

The DualShock 4 is the brand’s latest edition and the Share button, long-lasting battery, nice colour patterns, and shape and size which are feasible to almost all kinds of hands are its unique features.

Besides, Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Controller and Nacon Revolution Pro Controller are the additional PS4 comptrollers that are the most compatible with PS4.

Moreover, PS4 also has compatibility with some third-party controllers, but, it’s better to make sure if they are officially licensed.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to PS4?

We have listed some useful methods as answers to your query “Can you connect an Xbox controller to a PS4?”.

The following are some ways to use an Xbox controller on a PS4. Choose the one that suits you the most.

Using An Xbox One Elite Controller

Though it requires some effort, connecting an Xbox One Elite Controller to the PS4 is the best way to plug in an Xbox controller on a PS4. A short how-to guide for this is given below:

  1. Firstly, you need to get to know the controller. Plug it into the Xbox console or PC and figure out which button performs what functions. You can do this by opening the accessories application.
  2. Now, you have to install the Cronus Pro software. It’s available on the official website for downloading purpose. It makes the connection between the PS4 console and the Xbox controller strong and stable.
  3. Next, you need to install the PS4 game pack. Install it on the PS4 gaming console. The PS4 copy the Xbox controller’s connectivity and makes it work steadily.
  4. The final step requires the connection of both the PS4 and Xbox controllers to the PS4. This step is crucial as the firmware makes the Xbox controller run smoothly with the PS4 console.
can you use a xbox controller on ps4

Establishing The Remote Play Feature on The PC

You can use an Xbox controller on the PS4 if you set up the remote play on a PC. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Firstly, open the PlayStation gaming console. Then, go to Settings to enable the Remote Play feature.
  2. Open the console’s settings, and go to Accounts Management, then, select “Activate as Your Primary PS4”.
  3. Install the Remote Play app on your PC, and sign in to your PlayStation account to find available PS4 consoles.
  4. Pair your PC with your PS4 gaming console.
  5. Now, you have to perform the most important step: installation of VI Gem and CDX application on your PC.
  6. After this, pair your PC with the Xbox controller just like you paired it with the PS4 gaming console.
  7. In order to gain access to the Xbox controller through the PlayStation, you need to modify the connectivity settings to the DualShock4 controller.
  8. The Remote Play application will be then connected to the Xbox controller, you can run it.

Using An Adapter

It’s a simple way to establish a connection between the Xbox controller and PS4.

You just have to buy a compatible adapter. It comes with a USB port and wire to connect the controller to the console.

How Do I Remote Play My Xbox Controller on My PS4?

Though there’s no way you can directly connect an Xbox controller on PS4 as they have technical differences, you can use third-party adapters for this purpose.

Purchase an adapter that has good compatibility with PS4. One such third-party adapter is CronusMax Plus which is known for connecting just about any controller to any console.

How To Control PS4 Without Controller?

There are a few alternatives to control the PS4 without the controller.

You can use a universal remote control that supports infrared or Bluetooth, and, program it to work with your PS4.

You can also control your PS4 through your tablet or smartphone if you install the PlayStation app. Or, you can use a keyboard and USB mouse to control your PS4.

Disadvantages of Using An Xbox Controller on a PS4

As these two consoles are not technically designed for each other, there can be some consequences to using third-party adapters for connecting them.

So, you might look out for the following cons to using an Xbox controller on a PS4:

  • A connection of an Xbox controller to a PS4 can cause technical issues and may potentially damage the PlayStation.
  • This connection can also render the warranty of the PS4 invalid.
  • You might also have to struggle with the buttons while you’re playing the game. Because the button layouts on both the controllers is different as well.
  • Moreover, the PS4 can also be rejected to support some buttons or functions of the Xbox controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use An Xbox Controller on PS4?

Technically you can’t directly use an Xbox controller on PS4 as they are not manufactured to work with each other.
They belong to two different brands. However, you can connect them with each other via third-party adapters.

How Do I Connect My USB Xbox Controller To My PS4?

As a USB Xbox Controller and PS4 are not directly compatible with each other, you can’t connect them.
Nevertheless, there are such third-party adapters that make a connection between them possible.
You can easily buy these adapters from your local gaming store or online.

Which Controllers Are Compatible With PS4?

All controllers that are licensed by Sony are compatible with PS4.
The Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller, PS4 Evil Shift Controller, and Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller are the three controllers considered ideally compatible with PS4.

Can I Connect An Xbox Controller To My PS5?

Yes, it’s possible to connect an Xbox Controller to PS5 and the process is the same as establishing a connection between Xbox controller and PS4.
Needless to say, a direct connection between the Xbox controller and PS5 is not possible as they are technically different.
However, they can be connected via indirect ways, and the Remote Play feature is considered the best way to do that.

Can I Use Xbox Controller on PS3?

You can’t directly connect the Xbox controller to your PS3. But, you can make this connection possible via third-party adapters.

Is PS4 Better Than Xbox Controller?

It all comes down to personal preferences. However, most gamers show a preference for the PS4 controller due to its motion controls and touchpad.
Still, those who prefer large-size and convenient designs go for the Xbox controllers.

Final Thoughts

So, if you have been wondering “Can you connect an Xbox controller to a PS4?” then, yes, you can with the help of third-party adapters.

But, it’s not as simple as it sounds and requires some effort. Because the Xbox controller and PS4 are two different brands and are not technically designed to work together.

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