Top Five Magnifiers for Android

Android magnifiers provide you with many options for improving visibility under just about any condition. Yes, Android’s Magnification Gestures feature allows you to zoom in and see your phone’s screen more clearly and the zoom on your camera app will bring the outside world into focus. Your device is not the answer, however, when you’ve forgotten your reading glasses and need to read the small print on a form or low lighting is making it difficult to see the items on a menu. An Android magnifier will make such situations a lot easier.

An Android magnifier will provide your camera with the added advantages of starting in magnified view and using most of the screen. It quickly allows you to toggle the camera light off and on, change the zoom level and focus, can freeze the image and invert colors. Some of the best are listed here:


Magnifier + Flashlight

See everything with Magnifier + Flashlight from App2U

Positioning itself as the Play Store’s best magnifying glass and functioning on almost every device, this Android magnifier works with your camera to enhance vision.

With free to download Magnifier + Flashlight you can freeze the image and further enlarge it, take a picture and read it later, and you can focus and improve the image with your camera light. Easily read really fine print and numbers on items such as battery sizes, even coins, and bank notes. Take sharp photographs of labels and other identifiers that are positioned in areas that are too difficult to read.

Working optimally on almost any Android device, the many options of Magnifier + Flashlight require read and write access to system setting and storage, access to networks and location in addition to the camera.


Magnifier-Plus-FlashlightDownload Here


Magnifying Glass

Easy to download and simple enough to use immediately

Magnifying Glass from Beacon Studio is a high quality, free Android magnifier that is easy for just about anyone to use.

Whether for magnifying the finest print or something that is in a hard to see position or darkened area, Magnifying Glass will enable you to read everything easily. With a simple interface featuring just a zoom bar and light icon, the app provides the essentials for quickly zooming in and out and using the camera’s flashlight.

A compact little app that provides you with a very clear, highly focused image, Magnifying Glass is compatible with Android 4.0.3+. It requires camera access and possibly network access depending on whether or not you intend using it for more than sharing enhanced images of magnified items.



Download Here


Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

The easy to use magnifier that autofocuses the fine print

An Android magnifier complete with a bright LED flashlight is your best bet for those difficult situations involving reading such things as serial numbers on the back of appliances. Just turn on the magnifier, let it focus to provide comfortable reading, or zoom in further if you need to. Even if you can position yourself to see the image it’s best to snap a picture for reference at a later time.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight is an excellent choice for any time you need a magnifier. It provides you with zooming from 1.0X to 5.0X which is accessible to your device’s volume control, a high contrast mode and an option to save images to library.

The magnifier, flashlight, and snapshot app is from RVApp Studios and requires Android 4.1 and up with camera, media files, wifi and network access.



Download Here


Magnifier-Vision Enhancer

Your phone becomes a magnifying glass for comfortable reading

Enlarge anything visible on your device’s screen with Deskshare Inc.’s Magnifier-Vision Enhancer by using your phone as a magnifying glass. Want to see something in detail? This is the way to go.

Upon opening, you select the magnifier or the flashlight. There’s an easy-to-use interface with plus and minus icon zoom buttons and buttons for inverting the image, for the camera and a button for changing your settings.

  • Magnify text or an object in dim light
  • Freeze a magnified image to read easily
  • Snap an image and save it
  • Invert color feature for easier reading

A quality app with a simple, attractive design, Magnifier-Vision Enhancer is compatible with Android 4.1 and up and you’ll need to give it permissions for camera access and for files, contacts, and network if you intend to share images.



Download Here


Magnifying Glass Flashlight

Turn your Android device into a perfect magnifier and flashlight

Use the flash on your device’s camera as a fast start flashlight on the one hand and the camera itself as a magnifying glass. Download the Magnifying Glass Flashlight Android magnifier and open to immediately turn on the flashlight and view the targeted image at full screen. The interface has a zoom bar and icons for camera activation, for inverting the image’s color for easier reading and screenshot, as well the light icon.

This app focuses very quickly for a clear, clean image making text easier to read and small objects and colors easier to see. There’ s even a tap on and off widget for quickly acquiring light. Created by Cool Guy, Magnifying Glass Flashlight requires Android 2.3 and up with files, camera, and internet access.



Download Here

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