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"To Thisboy"

by: bxf

PotPlayer 1.6.62949 / 1.6.63232 Beta


Other Thoughts:

You can select which file types are to be handled by Potplayer during the install process. You can also control this under Preferences > Associations.

The way I like to do things is to deselect any associations during the INSTALL, then select Potplayer as the default player for each file type, as I open it.

To other potential users: I don't know what bugs people refer to, though I suppose there are some with just about any software. However, as of August 2016 I am not seeing any problems in normal use.

"Needs some work"

by: ThisBoy

PotPlayer 1.6.62949



It played various video formats and DVDs visually clear. Very clean interface.


The player installs without asking the user what audio/video formats they want the play to use. It takes over every format possible. Windows Media player is my choice for popular audio formats. If there are any settings I could not find them. This player did not sync audio with video very well. It took me two hours after uninstalling it to get my system back with the two players of my choice.

Other Thoughts:

I do not know of any software that takes over my computer without asking. The programmers might want to add in the setup what formats the player is to play. Add a real menu with options for audio because the quality is very poor. I gave it three stars because of the interface alone. Every other player has options and I did not see any with PotPlayer 1.6x. I do not consider myself a newbie to don't try to treat me as one.

"To previous reviewer ."

by: stuart

PotPlayer 1.6.59041 Beta / 1.6.58613


Other Thoughts:

Usually I don't get involved in a discussion in a Review section but if truth be told this seems to be happening more often than not these days ! The main reason I have always used Freeware Files is due to the honest Reviews that people take their time to post. I have never understood why anyone could be loyal to a brand or program, for me the one that suits me best is the one I will end up using. People have different needs thus a different opinion and there really isn't a right or wrong here, what I value may be trivial to you and vice versa.
One disturbing thing I have noticed is certain programs that seem to always have 5 star reviews, any negative reviews seem to get jumped all over and the Reviewer labelled a Clown and told to sit in the corner. It was Chinese program writers who kicked this trend off, 10bit must have had an Army of Trolls who would post 5 star ratings all day long. It really is a sad sad situation, after a few hours Googling PotPlayer and going through numerous reviews, two things are clear. PotPlayer is indeed rated as a very good media player but this program also has a unusually loyal bunch of users who seem to often resort to insults and petty bullying to make their point. I frankly lost count at the amount of times the end user was blamed for what appeared to be nothing more than bad default settings.

For the record I found a few people who commented on the choppy flash playback issues, they also found the settings a rather confused mess along with a few other issues. I gave it 3 stars because it was difficult to configure, would not play DVD's, had choppy flash playback, was a little heavy on resources, took a little while loading and in all honesty there were another 5 or 6 minor issues. This is my last word on this so you can say what you want but if I were you I would keep in mind that many people will be reading this so it really is your call.

I don't like ending anything on a negative note so I will give credit where it's due and for the record I really liked KM Player, it was way ahead of it's time and for me will always be a classic. Naturally I can see many elements of KM Player in this program and I honestly believe when the bugs are ironed out then it will be a great addition for media players and will maintain the competition in what is a very good and healthy market. I stand by my review 100% and I will test this program again in a few months with a stable version as suggested for a decent comparison. If you are going to release a Beta version then it's only natural that people will highlight bugs so maybe a thicker skin would be a good idea Fella.

"To Stuart"


PotPlayer 1.6.58929 Beta / 1.6.58613


Other Thoughts:

While beta versions can certainly be buggy, your review implied that PotPlayer is a new player still in beta whereas in fact it has been around for years and the author always releases a stable version along with the beta, as you can see on the download page. You state that this beta version needs work, and I'm sure that's true, but fail to make clear that the stable versions usually work fine. You are right though, reviews like yours help to ensure that future versions are stable. I just think it's a bit harsh to give a 3 star review based on a beta version of an established program.
I really have tried every freeware player out there, some more than once, and genuinely believe this is the best although I appreciate not everyone would agree.

"to previous reviewer"

by: stuart

PotPlayer 1.6.58929 Beta / 1.6.58613


Other Thoughts:

To Isys

Potplayer wasn't just slow at loading on my PC and this also applies to the playback issues, this was the case on 5 different machines. It always makes me curious when people respond to a fair review and then make the bold claim that Potplayer is the player they always return to, really because there are simply better players out there end of story. Keep in mind I did highlight that Potplayer was in Beta at the time of my review so I don't get why you would mention my review at all. Most people are aware what a Beta version is and bugs ahead should be expected. Potplayer was slow at loading, a tad heavy on resources and playback was actually very bad with flash. I tried many various tweaks to get it working properly but when the same thing happened on different machines then it was clear that this was an issue with the program.

Most developers are happy to receive feedback of any kind and I am sure that the bugs will be sorted out very soon. Any new Freeware is welcome and I think Potplayer will be a good program with a little more development, they have chosen a very competitive category as there are many fine media players already available but the more the merrier and I look forward to trying Potplayer again in the near future.

"No problems here"

by: Isys

PotPlayer 1.6.58929 Beta / 1.6.58613



Plays most formats, good ui

Other Thoughts:

Been using PotPlayer since it first appeared. Tried all the others, always come back to this. No problems playing flash, dvds or slow loading. Previous reviewer should check for other system issues.

"It's okay but still needs work !"

by: stuart

PotPlayer 1.6.58772 Beta / 1.6.58613



free, nice ui, comes with most codecs, regular updates.


wouldn't play dvd's, flash playback choppy, slow loading time.

Other Thoughts:

It's still in beta thus it has some bugs, I had problems playing dvd's, in fact it wouldn't play them at all. Flash playback was hit and miss and it sometimes takes a while to load properly. The settings are kinda all over the place and it needs a little work if it's going to rival, VLC,Gom and Splayer.


by: shnbwmn

PotPlayer 1.6.57946 Beta / 1.6.57875


Other Thoughts:

The best video player. Period.
(Foobar2000 being the best music player)

"Very Nice"

by: Mike

PotPlayer 1.6.57530 Beta / 1.6.57398



I Like using MPC BE and have used it for quite some time.However, have to say this is better. Lots of options makes it quite flexible and the audio quality is great.


None so far

Other Thoughts:


"Unmatched flexibility"

by: bxf

PotPlayer 1.6.56209



See Other Thoughts.


Some options are a bit complex and some are a bit ambiguous and appear to be similar to other options, without a clear definition of each.

Other Thoughts:

There is no shortage of players around. Some have SOME of Potplayer's features, but none have ALL of them. What makes this one stand out is the flexibility of control: you can select interval values for skipping, initial window size and position, hotkey values, and more and more. Also, it is the only player I've seen that has a frame-step back capability, so you can go back and forth frame-by-frame.

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