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"ClipGuru free"

by: TomQ


Other Thoughts:

I've tried quite a few clipboard extenders, but this is the bast of the free ones and rivals some of the commercial offerings.

A+ for "Value"



by: Kittie Spit


Other Thoughts:

An excellent clipboard utility. Have been using it for a couple of weeks now, with no problems whatsoever. I also like that it's very low on CPU-Memory use. Around 450k, unlike some other clipboard extenders that can be real memory hogs.

Interface is maybe a bit ug-lee, but that's ok for free.

Another nice feature is that it seems to be unlimited in number of clips, & it seems you can have as many databases of clips as you like, and switch between them. (Haven't tried this yet, tho.)

All around, an excellent app. Thanks to the developer!!!

"Handy, nice features"

by: Mat


Other Thoughts:

One of the better ones. Works well. Regarding duplicates (other review) - I wonder how many copies of the same clip he wants? :)

Anyway, it's great freeware.

"Sounded useful; poorly executed"

by: In^Xanity


Other Thoughts:

Poor user interface. Ignores most duplicate clips even with option set to capture duplicates. "Combine clips" feature combines clips in reverse order.


by: Lisa


Other Thoughts:

Seems to work just fine in my environment. Handy utility with lots of flexibility.

Results: 1-5 of 5 Total Found