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It is important to back up your data regularly to prevent possible loss. It is equally important to use the right software that works easily and ensures the safety of the data backed up. If you are looking for a program that can perform complete data backups with just a single click, then you should consider Aomei Data Backupper.

You can use Aomei Data Backupper to perform three main types of backups, namely:

System Backup

Both boot and system files must be in order for an operating system to function well. Aomei Data Backupper allows you to back up both types of files to ensure normal operation after a restore. This is especially important when using Windows 7 and later operating systems that separate boot and system partitions.

Partition Backup

Each computer has at least one partition, which is normally known as the C Drive. A hard drive can be divided into several partitions that function as separate drives, which are generally used to store different types of data. Users can choose to back up individual partitions instead of entire hard drives, and Aomei Data Backupper packages all content of the chosen partition into one image file.

Partition backup is quite useful when dealing with many computers using the same hardware configuration. The operating system can be installed in one computer and backed up. The image file can then be used to "restore" the OS into remaining computers, which helps to save time significantly.

Disk Backup

This process involves backing up all data on a disk, including the OS and installed programs. Aomei Data Backupper can be used to back even external hard drives and disks using different types of storage technology, such as GPT, MBR and RAID.

In addition to restoring files, disk data backup can help in upgrading hard disks from small to large, old to new or damaged to good.


Aomei Data Backupper includes several other features apart from the functions already mentioned, including:
  • Volume and partition cloning
  • The ability to perform differential and incremental backups
  • The ability to add comments
  • Compression and encryption
  • Splitting backup files
  • Creating bootable rescue media, which may be on either USB drive or CD/DVD
  • Verifying integrity of stored images
  • Deleting unwanted images
  • Displaying target location on a disk map

The intuitive user interface does not only look nice but is also easy to use. It eliminates chances of confusion by including only essential menus.

How Aomei Data Backupper Works

Aomei Data Backupper packages content into image files. Users just need to select their targets, define storage location and perform the backup. The program can compress the images to take as little space as possible.


  • Easy installation process and simplicity of use
  • Back up all data in a hard drive with one click
  • Incremental backup improves backup efficiency and minimizes storage space
  • The backup process can be performed while working on other things

How much will you pay for this excellent software? Nothing.

Software Product Description

A reliable and easy-to-use backup and recovery software, FREE for home users and business users use. Securely backup PC and Server, provides one-click backup your system partition. Fully protect your computer to prevent data loss.


"best free windows drive imaging tool available"

Reviewer: -Spyder

Review Date: 2017-04-17

Pros: Quite fast compared to others Simple to use Works (usually) if Windows will not boot (using custom WinPE)

Cons: often causes boot problems after creating image (need Windows original CD to fix) unable to customize any setting, even the most basit ones (paid version only) cannot use unused hard disk space (must use only existing partition, even if space free) no command line option

Other Thoughts: Aomei is probably the easiest and best Windows partition imaging tool available at no cost. It runs quite fast, depending on your HD size and contents. The tool will take a portion of your selected partition and create a new partition for the backup. Thus if you plan to use this tool, and you are installing Windows, plan ahead and make a larger partition where you will desire this backup image to exist. I have used this tool a number of times on an number of Windows 10 systems. About half the time after creating a new image and rebooting, Windows will no longer boot. I needed to find a Windows 10 original install CD to solve the problem. I hope you have better experience, but in case - make sure you create or locate the Win10 ISO!


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