AVG Decryption Tool for SZFLocker 1.0      

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Release Date:   2016-08-08

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 Reviewed on August 08, 2016

The increasing use of ransomware has caused a great deal of panic in the cyber world. Some criminals gain access to people's computers and encrypt files. They then demand to be paid ransom before they unlock the files. This is something that AVG Virus Labs has taken seriously and developed various tools for combating the wave of crime. Each tool targets a specific strain of ransomware.

AVG Decryption Tool for SZFLocker targets the SZFLocker strain. The ransomware's name comes from the string that it appends at the end of the files that it encrypts. If you have a file named example.pdf, it changes it to example.pdf.szf. It also replaces the content of the original file with a message written in Polish.

Using AVG Decryption Tool for SZFLocker

We did not need to install the software. Double-clicking the downloaded file opened a wizard that safely guided us through the decryption process. We needed to add the location where the encrypted files were. We could add a folder or a whole drive, be it a local or network drive.

We had the option of backing up our files before clicking the “Finish” button and letting the application start the decryption process. During the process, the software displayed what it was decrypting, elapsed time and the total number of files decrypted.


If you discover that you cannot access your files, which seem to be rewritten in Polish and have SZF appended to their names, then your computer has been attacked by the SZFLocker ransomware. Thankfully, you can use AVG Decryption Tool for SZFLocker to regain access to your files without paying any ransom. The portable application features a wizard interface that guides you through the process without the need of any technical skill.

Software Product Description

Free decryption tool for SZFLocker ransomware.