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Reviewed on October 20, 2017

If you are doing raw editing of hard drives, bed software supports many data formats and allows you to edit any type of resource at the binary level.

In working with bed, you can display the file content in various standard formats, while other formats can also be defined in plugins. You can effortlessly use commands such as copy, paste, undo, replace, record/play, and has context-sensitive help.

How is bed used?

bed is flexible and relatively simple to use. You can do everything with its easy-to-navigate menu. The menu is opened by pressing Alt in combination with the highlighted key. If you want to choose a certain menu item, you have to press only the highlighted key. You can also utilize the movement keys, and then press Enter.

If you need help with a certain menu item, just press the F1 key. Jumping to the highlighted character in the dialog boxes is done by simply pressing Alt-char or shift-tab.

Using different data types

File content can be displayed in different formats when you use bed. The following data formats can be used: ASCII, signed and unsigned integers, float, bit-flags, time_t, bit-fields, labels, and ebcdic.

With bed, you can form composed data types, switch data types, and even add a data type with ASCII, Integer, Signed, Float, and Clone. You can also place filters between the file and a data type, allowing changes on certain aspects and leaves other aspects the same.

Search and Replace

The search window has usual features such as starting from the top or the bottom of the file, searching backward, and using regular expressions.

In the replace window, a replace string is added, which overwrites the data.

This adjustable format binary editor can be used with an X windows terminal, and it also has two MS Windows versions the pdcurses and the ncurses version.

Software Product Description

Adjustable data format binary editor.